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The endless cycle of putting your heart and soul into designing beautiful clothes each season only to see them end up on the sales rack 4 months later was beginning to feel like a drag. Not to mention worrying about sustainability and ethical business practices.

It was time for a big career change, but it wasn’t that simple.

I had moved back to my tiny home town to be closer to my family which meant there were zero career opportunities for fashion designers. A desperate Google search led me to Ramit’s amazing videos on finding a Dream Job and I successfully used his famous “Briefcase Technique” to land a job as a fashion design teacher.

To be honest I didn’t actually get the job.

They hired another designer who had the required tailoring certificate, but they were so impressed by my Briefcase Technique that they created a new position especially for me.  You should look it up on YouTube for your next meeting.



I loved teaching but was also discovering the amazing opportunities of online entrepreneurship where you can work when and where you want to create exactly your type of business.

My first online business course was a disappointment though. It was full of brilliant tactics about blogging, social media, and customer profiling but it barely touched on the most important part:

Finding the right idea for a profitable business.

I had devoured so much of Ramit’s free material that I instantly knew that this was a point not to be taken lightly. I quickly made a plan to buy his Earn 1K course about freelancing to find high quality material about choosing an idea and a market but then Zero to Launch came out and solved my problem.

This was a dream come true:

A tried and tested method to creating the online business I was made for.

I didn’t even read the entire sales page before signing up since I knew Ramit’s material was so amazing and had already gotten me results.



I did start at zero.

I knew nothing about blogging, online business, email sequences, and especially not scary tech stuff like auto responders and Google analytics. The fear of needing to get ultra-nerdy learning about programming almost stopped me but luckily I realized that you don’t have to be a tech wizard to make it.

Zero to Launch teaches you a simple system to follow so you don’t get lost in tech problems, and if you do need help there are always other students who can tell you exactly what to do.

My writing experience was also at zero and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to pull that off since I hadn’t written a word since high school. Zero to Launch teaches you how to write effectively for your target market and to my big surprise I’m getting wonderful feedback:



Learning how to write compelling copy and promoting it in the ZTL way is exactly what helped me meet my joint venture partners with whom I grew my email list by 713 people in only 5 days.

They wanted to work with me since my writing and visual content was perfect for our shared target audience.



I now have a selection of “Get Style Confidence” online courses as well an exclusive style consulting package.

The ground work I have done using the Zero to Launch method has enabled me to hit the ground running and command higher prices from the start.




The thing I’m most excited about is not about list numbers and sales figures.

It’s the wonderful fact that my online course and style consulting is getting my clients results.

Seeing astonishing before and after photos and hearing clients talk about how I helped them change their own perception of themselves is priceless.

It feels fantastic to help my favorite clients: women entrepreneurs become more happy, confident, and successful in business.

Check out fitness sensation Gen Malone. She looks gorgeous doesn’t she?





Where does he find these people?

Ramit has a knack for getting the most ambitious, hardworking, and friendly students. I have bought several of his programs and have made wonderful friends in the online communities. There’s always someone ready to help you when you’re stuck and to encourage you when need a pat on the back.

Whenever I’m travelling in Europe or the US, the highlight of the trip is to meet fellow students for some in person masterminding. I would never had gotten my business off the ground if it hadn’t been for the amazing help and support I’ve had from my fellow students.

The best way to make friends with other dedicated entrepreneurs is to join Ramit’s Accellerator coaching program. I’ve had the pleasure of working with 3 top notch coaches on business, copy writing, and mindset and I cannot praise them enough. The clever students and coaches in Accellerator definitely have big brains, but they have even bigger hearts.




After I left my fashion design career I played around with different jobs and businesses trying to find something I loved. I encountered 2 classic problems:

My fashion design jobs had been well paid but lacked a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment. Many of my friends had started their own fashion brands, but let me give you an insider’s tip:

Don’t go there if you don’t want to work like a maniac while still not making money. It’s extremely complicated and the competition is fierce. Personally I’d rather create digital products that can be sold over and over again without worrying about factory production, storage, and shipping of physical products?

As a teacher I could make a huge difference in people’s lives, but the pay was so low that it wasn’t even funny. You also have to conform to your school’s system and policing students took up way too much of my time.

With Zero to Launch you can build a sustainable business both ethically and financially.

Ramit teaches you to create a very strong foundation for your business so that you’re 100 % clear on your target market and the problems you’re helping them solve.

Let’s be honest. This takes a lot of hard work and you have to be open to grow as a person, try new things, and go out of your comfort zone. The reward is amazing though: The feeling of finally connecting deeply with your clients and being able to help them change their lives is wonderful.

When you’ve reached this point you can start playing around and get super creative with producing content and unique products. It’s really fun!



Like many other creatives I have a million ideas that I want to execute all at once.

I have tested art courses for kids and adults, professional training for designers and teachers, style courses for women CEOs, young mothers, and nerdy guys et cetera.
Zero to Launch teaches you a system for testing these ideas so that you learn which idea will actually make money. This doesn’t mean that you’ll end up picking an idea just for the money.

All the ZTL graduates I have talked to have been able to create a business they love working on and that gives them great personal fulfilment by helping people, while at the same time making money. The online world is so big that it’s possible to find a profitable niche for almost anything.

It’s very easy to get caught up in tactical advice from all those successful internet gurus without having a well thought out strategy. You work yourself ragged doing webinars, Instagram challenges, and Facebook Lives without very much revenue for all your efforts.

Ramit helps you to follow a strict method so that you focus your time and energy on doing things that actually get you results. I think it’s a big relief knowing that you don’t have to do everything and be everywhere online. Just do the things that matter.



  • Ambitious people who are willing to work hard.
  • Those who want to create a strong business for long-term results instead of making a quick buck.
  • If you’re overwhelmed by all the advice out there it will be a godsend to follow a tested method by a hugely successful entrepreneur.
  • Creatives with too many ideas as well as those who feel they don’t have anything to offer.

There is such a huge variation of businesses you can create and as an example I’d like to tell you about 2 other women who created fashion courses that are completely different from mine:

Heidi uses her professional background as a fashion designer to teach professional skills to other designers who want to improve their career. Her background is the same as mine but as you see her work is very different.

She already had an established  YouTube channel and used the Zero to Launch course to quickly monetize her channel.

Read Heidi’s story HERE.


Caitlin comes from a different background and used Zero to Launch to create a styling business based on fashion as her favorite hobby.

There are loads of opportunities for you to use your professional or personal existing skills and talents to help other people and make money doing it.

Read Caitlin’s story HERE.


I highly recommend Zero to Launch.
It’s been the start of an exciting new career for me, and the course content is so good I will keep referring to it as I grow my business to higher levels in the years to come.

Hilde Fossen


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