Are you secretly dreaming about looking gorgeous and on brand like one of those rich, successful online stars like Marie Forleo?

The type of stunning but cool, professional style that instantly shows your clients that you’re a hot shot expert.


You might seem to have everything sorted in your business and your clients adore you, but then there’s that nagging feeling that there’s something not quite right about your brand and style.

Or maybe you’re so new to online business that you feel like you’re starting from scratch.


Developing a style and a strong online brand is an ongoing process where it’s important to learn and grow so you always take the next step up the ladder.


Let me show you the easiest and most fun and stylish way to the top:


The beginner is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start.


Nailing your personal style using branding principles is the first baby step towards creating a branded website, logo, and clothing style that makes you look like you’re much further ahead in business than what you really are.


This is a very clever shortcut that will save you time, money, heart- and headaches. It’s the perfect solution when you’ve got amazing expertise from your offline career but not enough to show online just yet.


Perhaps you’re an online expert who just can’t get to the next level.


You’ve got the website, the clients, and the expertise, but you know you can reach higher.

You know you need to up your style to be able to play with the online stars, get those high-profile speaking gigs, and be invited on Entrepreneur on Fire.


Nailing your style is the perfect first step for a rebrand or even just a tweak, and as a bonus you’ll know what to wear whenever you need to make a video or go on Skype.


It’ll also give you that much needed kick in the butt to book your next photo shoot or go for that TedX opportunity.

Still, you might think that nailing your style isn’t for you because:

  • I have no style and have never had a style. I don’t think someone like me could ever be stylish.


Let me stop you right there.
Have you seen my own before and after pictures? The difference is mind blowing. Even fashion designers get it wrong.

Life happens. We can all end up in a rut and lose our style, and we can all climb back up again even if things feel hopeless right now.


My brand and business isn’t 100 % clear.


This workshop is the first baby step in nailing or refining your brand. It starts with a quick and easy exercise to define your brand, because the truth is that style and branding are a pair of gorgeous twin sisters. Genetically they’re the same.

You can nail your style and branding even if you’re completely confused about them right now. This is exactly what you’ll learn.


I would love to look beautiful, stylish, and on brand but I don’t know the first step.


Nailing your style is a process you can learn, just like you’ve learned how to send out automated emails. It’s a mystery at first, but after your aha moment it’s as easy as licking ice cream.

I’ve used my expertise from teaching fashion design and developed a super easy method that actually works, even if you have no time to think about clothes.


Wouldn’t you love to:


  • Get a Style Board full of stunning photos that shows you a ton of gorgeous clothes that make you squeal with delight like an Oscar invitation from Johnny Depp.


  • Get a Style Board that shows you the exact shapes and colors for a super star style that makes Gwen Stefani green with envy.


  • Get a Style Board that shows the exact colors, look, and feel that are SO perfect for your online brand that you can create a show stopping website that makes your competition cry.


  • Get Style Confidence so you can WOW your clients and sell infinitely more.

Nailing your Style is exactly what you need to stand out and distinguish yourself from the competition, even if you’re wearing yoga pants right now and have no idea what to wear in your next video, or even if you’d rather DIE than to get on camera.

You’ll also feel super excited and about yourself and your own personality.



No Diet Body Confidence


Have you ever been sweating and swearing in the changing room, desperately trying to pull up a pair of jeans that refuse to house your thighs.

Then you leave the store empty handed feeling like an elephant but the worst thing is that you STILL have nothing to wear.

Trust me. I’ve been there.


You’ll learn how to dress for your body type so that you can ditch all those trendy but unflattering shapes the fashion industry is pushing you to buy.

Instead you’ll save loads of time and money by focusing on the shapes that make you look 10 lbs lighter and make your husband swoon.


Check out my client Diana:

Amanda’s body image changed completely.


Listen to the deeply touching testimonial she gave at my webinar.

This is why I absolutely love my work:



This is NOT one of those boring courses where you’ll fall asleep listening to me lecture all day.

You’ll be right in the thick of it working alongside me and the other inspiring ladies like a band of Wonder Women.

AND you’ll have concrete results to show for it – not just ideas and inspiration.




Do a lightning quick branding exercise that’s so fast and ingenious that you’ll be done before you even finish your cappuccino.


Bingo: You will have a Crystal Clear Vision for your brand.



Learn my secrets from 20 years in fashion design and create a style that’s so magical you couldn’t even have dreamed it up.

Have the time of your life as I help you you collecting gorgeous photos that make your heart sing and opens up a whole new world of inspiration.

Bingo: You have your Super Star Style Board that will give you:

  • Exact garment ideas for shopping
  • Ideas for creating gorgeous outfits from what’s already in your closet
  • Photos that are on point so your own photographer can nail your style
  • A mood board to get your web designer to create exactly the look you want



We do a quick color analysis to find the shades that suit you and your complexion best.

The magic happens when we combine your personal colors with your brand colors to create a look that’s both stunning and on point.

Bingo: You will have a Color Palette that makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow AND that is perfect for your brand.



Let’s forget everything about cranky clients, crazy websites, and those terrible little cuties constantly screaming: “MOM.”

Instead we’ll have a giggle with our new girlfriends and just dig into bubbles, canapés, and chocolate.  Like one does.




Find out your exact body shape and learn how to dress for it.

My clients ADORE this part and some of them say they finally love their own body for the first time in their life.

This can be a turn around point in how you feel about yourself and the way you look.

Bingo: You get Body Confidence without counting a single calorie and will know exactly what shapes to wear.


Here’s what my stylish clients are saying:


Listen to how Amanda Nailed her Style:




My name is Hilde, and I’m a happy-go-wacky fashion designer turned online stylist.

I help women entrepreneurs nail their style and branding so they can WOW their clients and sell more.

I’ve boiled down 5 years of design school and 20 years in fashion design to create a simple but ingenious system so online business owners can nail a killer style in just one day.

The only thing they love more is when I teach them how to look 10 pounds lighter by dressing for their body type.

Working back stage at Fashion Week taught me that even gorgeous top models need the confidence they get from a beautiful dress and a good hug.

Styling fashion photos taught me to create strong brand photos by exaggerating your style.

My stunt in television taught me that communicating your message is more important than clothes.


Designing in London taught me how to double my salary by wearing a luxurious bag that didn’t cost half of what it looked like.

Teaching fashion design taught me to simplify my method so my clients get lightning quick results.

I know what it’s like to be blended by the super trooper lights on a fancy stage to accept a design award, but I also know what it’s like to be a sleep deprived chocolate craving mom, who’s still wearing maternity jeans long after the baby is born because she gained 40 pounds and hasn’t slept a full night in 2 years.

I know what it’s like to be the star of a fancy photo shoot, but I’ve also been stuck in a rut as an over worked and under payed teacher wearing a frumpy librarian outfit. You saw that photo right?

I can’t wait to meet you in person and have a ball nailing your style.




I would LOVE to invite you to a workshop or set up a

 stylish event for your group.

This year I’ll be travelling in Europe to teach at retreats and masterminds for women entrepreneurs and I’m hoping to see you too.

Just shoot me an email at: and we can both check our schedules to find a time.