Wouldn’t you love to feel sexy and slim without counting a single calorie?

Dressing for YOUR exact body type is the quickest way to

  • Look and feel stunning
  • Feel über-confident about your body
  • Fall in love with the shape of YOU


Maybe you’re a Marilyn Monroe type who tries to fit into Kate Moss’ skinny jeans?

You know that feeling when you’re sweating and cursing in the changing room because you can’t pull the freaking jeans over your elephant thighs? Then the shop assistant is pulling at the curtain ready to reveal your giant butt and huge granny panties to the world. It’s enough to make you shun shopping of the rest of your life.

Or maybe all your jeans create a dreaded muffin top that makes you petrified that people think you’re pregnant again.

The truth is:

Those jeans weren’t made for you.

They were made for a 12 year old.

You my darling, were made for hanging around the movie set wearing sexy dresses and pencil skirts while practicing your sensuous lines.


Have some cake beautiful!

Millions of women all over the world feel bad about their bodies:

Maybe you’ve still got the baby weight years after being blessed with motherhood, or maybe it’s just that the years flew by and left you with a body you don’t recognize with:

  • A little bulge that started out as a cute spare bicycle tyre and grew to fit a monster truck.
  • A big butt that seems to grow an inch for every email you send to your list.
  • Unruly big girls that demand all the attention and makes dressing even slightly fashionable almost impossible.

Or maybe you’re like me: tiny boobs that make you worry if you have enough cash for plastic surgery and if that would even be the right thing to do. Eeeeek!


R  E  L  A  X  !


Take a deep breath.


I’ve got you.


You’ve come to the right place because I’ll show you exactly what you’re doing wrong with the way you dress today, and why you feel that there’s something wrong with your body.

There isn’t.


Your body is beautiful, just the way it is right now.


I know this can be hard to take in since you’ve scrutinized and criticized it a million times each day, but it’s the truth.

It’s time to get out of the closet and face the fact that you’re gorgeous.

Wouldn’t you love for me to show you:


  • Exactly which tops to wear to look slim and professional on Facebook Live and in photos so you finally can get out there and promote your business.


  • Exactly which skirts and dresses to wear so you’ll be a hottie on stage, at lunch with your friends, or even on the dance floor (remember those days?)


  • Exactly which pants to wear so your legs look super sexy and your booty stops traffic. (Please stay inside during rush hour.)

BONUS: You’ll know exactly how to create your outfit from top to toe, so your figure looks more luscious than ever before.

But I just need to lose 10 pounds first.


Honestly, both you and I know that might never happen and what’s the point?

None of my female role models are skinny like a run way model.


Oprah is a beautiful power woman with a full figure.

Michelle Obama is a gorgeous amazonian with a message.

Rihanna has been looking more stunning than ever, even if, or maybe BECAUSE she’s gone up a size or two.


The point is:

I want you to look and feel hotter and more powerful than ever at any size.


Step ONE on your journey is to learn how to dress for your body type so you feel magical just by changing your outfit.

Seeing yourself looking gorgeous in a new outfit is the fastest way for your brain to understand that:


Yes – I am sexy.

Yes – I am beautiful.

Yes – I can be more successful than I dare imagine.



But I don’t want to buy new clothes until I lose weight.


Maybe you don’t have to lose weight.

Maybe you’ll feel so incredibly sensuous and delighted with your body that you ditch you dieting plans like that pestering old boyfriend you had to block on Facebook.


Let me lift the weight from your shoulders so you no longer feel you have to lift any weight from your hips.

You’re already beautiful.

You’ll see that too as soon as we can get you in a sexy dress that makes you cry with joy and your husband stay home from work. ( I won’t tell his boss.)

What a relief!

You can love and cherish yourself just the way you are!


But, Hilde. You’re so skinny. You don’t understand.

Oooh. I know exactly where you’re at:

At 18 I was one of millions of teenagers in size medium who think they’re fat because they don’t have a freaking thigh gap. I remember being really upset when shopping with my Barbie doll friend on one of those sugar cube islands in Greece. She looked fantastic in the fantasy micro dresses we’d only seen on MTV, and there I was with my gigantic thunder thighs and could never wear a dress like that.

But a clever sales lady found the solution: A sexy dress with super cool frills on the hips. It camouflaged everything I wanted to hide and emphasized everything I wanted to flaunt. I loved that dress to pieces and took it to the coolest teenage hotspots all over Europe.

Check out my backpacking photo with my favorite dress in Paris, 1988:

“Look, my hair is bigger than my backpack.”


At 45 I was a size large, dressed in a frumpy librarian outfit that was the perfect echo of my life in a rut: Dead-end job, joyless university studies, over-worked mom.

This mousy outfit from Start Up Weekend 2014 was the turning point.

The very first thing I did to turn my life around was to get back to my own creative designer style by wearing joyful, colourful skirts and dresses.


That gave me a huge boost in confidence and I immediately felt pretty and professional.

Floating around in beautiful, bright skirts and dresses made me feel sexy and confident from the start and gave me the spark and energy I needed to go to the gym, stick to a diet, and start an online business.

Whether you want to be a gorgeous size extra small or a stunning size extra large, I want you to celebrate your own beauty and use the power of fashion to look and feel fabulous – today.

Don’t wait a second longer.

Life is too short.

But, I can’t afford to buy designer clothes.


No worries.

I’ll never tell you to buy a 400 dollar top or to build a wardrobe so big you have to sell your kid(ney)s to afford it.

I’ll help you find stunning outfits at whatever price range is perfect for you.


Style is not about the price of your clothes.

You’ll feel gorgeous and confident by dressing for your body type so you don’t have to borrow cheap confidence from a designer label.


Ready? ­­­Let me show you how:


You might think this sounds like a lot of work, but relax:

All you need is:


–  The Body Confidence Program

–  A gigantic chocolate dripping piece of Devil’s Food Cake

–  30 delicious minutes relaxing on the couch with your laptop


Get ready for the show.

This is better than Charlie’s Angels.

1. Nail your Body Type


Lay back and enjoy the 8 minute video while devouring your delicious cake.

Get up for a just a minute to check your gorgeous figure in the mirror.


Bingo: You’ve Nailed your Body Type


This is when you see the light and things just click into place in your head.

No need to search the entire house for that measuring tape or do any math.


2. Dress for your Body Type


Now you’re forgetting all about your cake because you just HAVE to watch the video with all the secrets to dressing for YOUR particular body type.

“Yes!  Now I get it!”

You’ll have aha moment after aha moment, and finally understand why some clothes make you feel fab while others make you feel fat.


Bingo: You know exactly which tops, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses make your body look slim and sexy.

This knowledge is your new SUPER POWER.


3. The Secret Chamber of Style


Now you know exactly how to dress for your body type so you’ll feel sexier than ever before.


But don’t you for a minute think that’s all:

This is where the party really starts girlfriend.

You’re invited into my exclusive Facebook group for body type clients only, where every day is a giggle party of fun loving girlfriends helping each other with style.

This is where you post your outfit photos:

“Does my bum look big in this?”

  • Yes, darling. Your bum looks big and beautiful, just the way we like it. Have another piece of cake.”


OK, I’m kidding a little. It’s more like:

“Get that red dress. You look fantastic because of X.

I wouldn’t get the pants because of Y, but it would work perfectly if you team it with Z.”

Super useful and supportive comments from the warmest hearts on the internet.


Community Strategist Diana Tower about my group:


“I was a beta student in her first online program, and while the course was absolutely top notch and totally changed the way I think about style and the way I dress…the magic happened in the community.


It was a small group of 12, and it was the perfect safe place for us to test what we were learning.  

We each created a thread to share our outfit photos and within minutes of posting you would get feedback from either Hilde or another member who had taken the course too.  It was amazing.


I remember having a digital fashion show in the changing room of a shop when I was buying outfits for Forefront; Ramit Sethi’s live event.  

I was trying on dress after dress and Hilde and 3 other members were commenting live.  

It felt like I was shopping with friends and that made the process not only more productive but FUN!”



Here’s what another student said about the community:


Working through the course with the small group helped me form “fashion bonds” with several of the women.

Amanda Smith


You’ll have free access to the group for 3 months after signing up for the course and I’ll personally be in the group to answer your questions about style and dressing for your body type.


So, hit me with those changing room photos.


I can’t wait to see your outfit.



Spend only 30 minutes relaxing on the couch with my program and you will:


– Finally understand YOUR unique body type and why some clothes look weird on you


– Know exactly which tops and jackets to buy


– Know exactly which skirts and dresses to get


– Know exactly which pants make you look fantastic


Spend a few days in the Secret Chamber of Style Facebook Group and you will


– Finally have gorgeous outfits that  make you look better than you ever thougth possible.


– Access to an international style expert


– Loads of fun with virtual shopping with your new girlfriends


Ready to spend half an hour on the couch and 198 bucks?

– which by the way is probably much less than the outfit you’re wearing right now?


You’ll save 10 times that amount when you stop buying clothes that are completely wrong for you, not to mention saving stress and embarrassment when you don’t feel good about the way you look.


I dare you to take a quick peek in your closet and add up the price of all those clothes you never wear.


Or you can just forget about your past mistakes, buy the course, and get a fresh new start.

Click below to get on board:



The BODY CONFIDENCE program for only $198

Listen to Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project:

“If you’ve ever wanted to feel like both (a) a celebrity and (b) the coolest human alive, I cannot recommend hiring Hilde enough!!! (Cue: ALL THE KAZOOS.)

As someone who looooooves fashion, and who thinks she has pretty decent personal style (with the exception of that furry jacket from 2006) I never thought about hiring a personal stylist UNTIL all the sudden I realized that I might have an eye for style, but no CLUE how to dress for my body type. (Especially considering that my body type is playing a not-so-funny game of musical chairs.)

Pair that with an upcoming photo shoot for my brand, and I was all sorts of anxious about looking my best in front of the camera—which they say also adds another 15 fun-loving pounds.

That’s where Hilde came in. She worked with me virtually, which was a huge, huge help, given that I was in Costa Rica at the time, to help me plan and arrange the perfect, body-slimming wardrobe that was sharp, dynamite AND on-brand.

The minute she came on board I felt this hugeeee relief lifted off of my shoulders—it was so nice not to have to worry about this, for once, and just show up!

Whether you’re doing something professionally or just personally, this is a huge game changer, and I’m convinced every woman should have someone on their wardrobe team at least once in their life.

This is one treat that isn’t so much a treat, but a necessity. I’d hire Hilde every day of my life, if I could. It’s just a bonus that she’s so awesome and sweet on top of it all! “


A Magical Transformation


Check out Gen’s transformation after a single Skype consultation with me.

She had already bought the dress on the left and wasn’t quite happy with the way it looked, but didn’t understand why.

I taught her exactly the dress shapes to look for and the results speak for themselves.

Believe it or not.

There’s no dieting involved.

I’m a Mom.

What Happened to my Body?


The life changing experience of becoming a mom often makes our bodies look completely different:

“I don’t recognize myself anymore.”

Dressing in up is not top of your list when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep, but as your kid grows and you finally have a tiny bit of time for yourself it can be a huge boost.

Amanda Smith is a smart, stunning entrepreneur and mom with a voluptuous earth mother body shape. Before she got pregnant she had a different body type that she knew how to dress, but now she was confused.

Learning how to dress for her new beautiful post pregnancy body made her embrace and love it like never before.

Listen Amanda raving about working with me:


Ready to look and feel fantastic without counting a single calorie?


The key to finally feeling exstatic about your body is to fully accept it.


Now, we all know that’s almost impossible, but I have a magical shortcut for you:

Start dressing like the super star that’s hiding inside you and then BOOM you suddenly feel like one too.


Maybe you don’t think she’s there, but I promise I will drag her out.

But is it worth the investment?



We both know that boosting your confidence will skyrocket your business when you finally get yourself on video, Facebook Live, and book that new photo shoot.



We both know that looking and feeling sexy will boost you know what. My lips are sealed but you know what I mean.



You will save cash when you stop buying clothes you never wear, and you can make back this investment on your next shopping trip.


And don’t worry.

Working with me does NOT mean you have to spend a fortune on clothes. I’ll show you how to look like you’ve been shopping at Chanel even if you’ve just been to the mall. We’ll also find those hidden gems that are already in your own closet.


Let’s get started.

I’m dying to see your transformation.


The NO-DIET BODY CONFIDENCE program for only $198