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1. The EXACT tops and dresses that look amazing on a full figure.

2. EXACTLY how to dress a big bust, a big tummy, and big arms.

3. EXACTLY which accessories to buy so you look super stylish.

Monday November 13

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Hello – I’m Hilde 🙂


Former fashion designer and design teacher who’s now the Go-to Stylist for Women Entrepreneurs.

 I help women just like YOU love their bodies

by learning how to dress for it,

so they can WOW their boss, clients and (husbands too.)


5 years of fashion training and 20 years of fashion design

has taught me all the insider secrets to

dressing for your body type.

25 years as an international business woman has proved how

critical it is to create your own CONFIDENCE

by looking and feeling Hot as Hell.

10 years as a MOM

has taught me how crucial it is to

Take the time to Dress up and Celebrate Myself.

Have you ever been in that vicious circle of fashion and weight loss dreams?


“I don’t have anything to wear because I gained weight.”

  • but there’s no point in buying new clothes until AFTER I’ve lost the weight.
  • and when I look in the mirror, I look so frumpy that I just can’t picture myself as being slim and stylish.

Then you pull on your fat pants, have another cookie, and wait for that magical day when you finally have the energy to get started on your weight loss plans.

We’ve all been there, but let me tell you: there is an easy way to get started on your dream of becoming a slim sexy woman.


I’m a fashion stylist who’s been through a 40 lbs weight loss myself, and I used fashion as a way to inspire me to stick to my diet:

“I started dressing in beautiful clothes and immediately started seeing myself as a gorgeous business woman instead of a frumpy old mom. This gave me the boost of happiness and energy I needed to go to the gym and stick to my diet.”

Here are my best tips for building a tiny but gorgeous Weight Loss Wardrobe so you look and feel wonderful every step of the way:

  • Get a few basic clothes that fit your figure perfectly. There are certain clothes that look amazing on a full figure, you just need to know what they are.
  • Go wild with accessories. Get beautiful scarves, bags, shoes, and jewelry because these will work for you as you lose weight and you’ll be spending money on things that last.
  • Alter your clothes as you lose weight. A quick trip to the tailor can ensure that your clothes look amazing on you at every size during your weight loss journey. Much easier and less expensive than buying new pieces every 2 months, but the best part is that it’ll make your figure look super sexy straight away.

Do you want to learn how to DO this?

Sign up for the free training where Nagina and I will show you exactly how to build your own Weight Loss Wardrobe.

You’ll get the best tips on how to buy pieces to flatter your body at any shape/size and how to put them together for a figure-flattering wardrobe at your size TODAY

You’ll walkaway with these goodies:

  1. You’ll learn the EXACT tops and dresses that look amazing on a full figure. Best of all we’ll show you how to dress a big bust, a big tummy, and big arms.
  2. EXACTLY which accessories to buy so you look stylish and put together on your weight loss journey.
  3. EXACTLY how to instruct your tailor (or your mom) so you look 10 lbs lighter because your dress actually fits you, and so you don’t have to buy new clothes every time you lose another 10 lbs.

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