When you don’t know where to even START!


You know you know you have to DO something to boost your confidence and your style but it’s just too overwhelming:


  • Who am I and what’s my style?
  • I have no idea how to dress so I look like me!
  • Help! I don’t recognize my body anymore.

Then you start following fashionistas on Instagram and even find this cool online stylist Hilde, but you’re still confused.

How do I implement this in MY life?

How can anyone make sense of this MESS of a wardrobe that I have?

How can I even BEGIN to think about looking beautiful until I lose at least 10 lbs?

It’s a bit like having a tummy ache and then you get all this conflicting advice:

  • Your doctor says: Shut up and take a pill.
  • Your shrink says: And how do YOU feel about that?
  • Your astrologer says: It’s Mercury retrograde. Everything will be fine after the 15th next month.
  • Your mother says: Yippie. You’re pregnant again!
  • Your husband says: Can you still pick up the kids?

Then you start trying all the thousands of different remedies and get even more confused:


“Help! Gimme a REAL expert I can trust and a cure that actually WORKS.”


It’s the same with online business, branding, and style.

You get all this conflicting advice and have no idea where to start.

It’s completely overwhelming and worst of all:


How do you know that this so called expert will work for YOU?

  • The branding people tell you: Get my $10 000 branding package as a start.
  • Phew. That’s WAY too much at this stage of my business.


  • The trendy stylists tell you: Get this pleated granny skirt. It’s SO this season.
  • Seriously. You don’t seem to get ME.


  • The cozy stylists tell you: Just stay in your comfort zone.
  • No way! I have a brand to build and money to make!


Now I have to admit that I have the exact same problem – but from the other side.

You see, my followers are confused about what I can help them with.

They tell me:

“Hilde, I just LOVE everything you do but you have so many programs and so many areas of expertise that I have no idea where to start.”
And every time I get on a call with a client they’re flabbergasted by how much incredible value they get from every minute, and honestly:

I give every single person advice that’s hand picked for their immediate situation.

Everyone’s unique and deserves unique solutions.

This is why I have created a brand new service called……..

This is where I help you with the EXACT problem(s) you’re having right this minute.

Here are some of the tricky situations I’ve helped women with in the past. I’m sure you recognize yourself in many of them:

  1. I have no style and no idea where to start.
  2. I’ve gained weight and have nothing to wear.
  3. I’m always in yoga pants and don’t know how to look professional but not stuffy.
  4. Help! I need photos but dread a photo shoot.
  5. I look like sh*t on Facebook Live.
  6. My body changed after I had kids and I no longer no how to dress.
  7. I have no idea which colors look good on me.
  8. I feel like a frumpy mom and have no idea how to look more stylish and put together,
  9. My brand is a big mess. Where do I even start?
  10. I’m new to online business. What’s the first step I should take with my brand and style?
  11. Help. I’m going to a conference. What do I wear?
  12. OMG. I’m being interviewed on YouTube. How do I fix my background so it looks pro?
  13. My wardrobe is bursting with clothes I hate. How do I create a capsule wardrobe?
  14. My boobs are so big that they grab all the attention.
  15. I hate my tummy but dieting doesn’t work.
  16. I want a comfy but stylish wardrobe for working from home.
  17. Yippie. I have a trip, but how do I pack my suitcase?
  18. How the heck do I look stylish in the winter/summer?
  19. How do create that smart casual European look?
  20. How can I create a style like Marie Forleo?
  21. I want to look BOTH creative and professional.
  22. How can I find out who I truly am?
  23. How do I create a consistent brand on social media?
  24. How do I look like Gwen Stefani/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston/anyone else?
  25. There’s much, much more but my typing fingers need a break now.


As you see, I can help you with EVERYTHING when it comes to your style and your brand.

The reason I’ve turned into a brand and fashion oracle is that I have 5 years of fashion training and 20 years as a fashion designer under my belt – not to mention 4 years as a design teacher. On top of that I’m a working mom, formerly overweight, and a time and technology challenged online entrepreneur, so I totally get you and your needs.

My clients love me since I’m warm, friendly, super enthusiastic, and always see the beauty and potential in you. That’s my superpower!

So if you feel less than fabulous right now, I’ll help you discover that gorgeous super woman inside you. This is the spark that will ignite the flame in your soul.

Check out what my client Ashly says:

Hilde is incredible at what she does. It’s not just about clothes.

Clothes are the tool she uses. Her gift is really seeing someone. All of them.

Maybe they see only pieces of themselves, maybe they only see potential, or maybe they aren’t giving themselves full permission to show up…whatever it is, Hilde sees you. She has this way of being fully present that makes you feel like you are the only thing that matters when you are working together. You leave with a better understanding of who you are, how to show up in the world and your business, and from there, are able to confidently make huge decisions with your business and brand with clarity.

The real magic, is you don’t realize all this is happening at first, you are having fun and talking with this energetic and brilliant person, and then… it hits you. It’s exciting, transformative and the best investment you can make at ANY phase of your business.

Thank you for all you do Hilde! Your work with me has affected me on a daily basis and I am so grateful.”

This service has proven to be of incredible value to my clients and I’m super happy to be able to offer you 60 jam-packed and life-changing minutes of STYLE THERAPY for only $299.

You get a recording of the call so you can go back and rewatch multiple times so you get amazing value way into the future. Because you’ll learn loads and loads of things about yourself, your style, and your brand that can be used in hundreds of different ways.

I’m dying to meet you to dig deep into who you are and what that means for your soul, your brand, and your style my friend!

Just sign up with PayPal below and we’ll set up a time for a deep diving, stylish, and powerful session of:


S T Y L E   T H E R A P Y  for only $299

Disclaimer: I know you know this but I have to write a disclaimer that this offer in no way represents a therapeutic therapy session. Please consult a medical professional if that’s what you need.