Style Confidence for Your Dating Photos


Are you dying to get new amazing photos for your online photos?

The type of beautiful, professional images that instantly show your dream man what an incredible woman you truly are.

You’ve got everything sorted in life and your friends and colleagues adore you, but you keep postponing your that photo shoot that can turn your life around:

  • I have to wait until I lose 10 lbs.
  • I have no style and no idea how to get one.
  • I’d love to look attractive in photos but I don’t know how.


Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Get to your photo shoot with a crystal-clear style and a suitcase full of photogenic clothes that make you look stunning on camera?
  • Feel more powerful and beautiful than ever because you know how to dress for your body type in slimming outfits.
  • Be confident enough to pose like Marilyn Monroe and squeal with delight when you see your gorgeous photos.

I’m Hilde – fashion designer turned online stylist and I show women how to nail their style, and dress for their body type so they can WOW those high quality men.

I work with women just like you to create a style that is uniquely YOURS and perfect for your photos and your ideal life.

We chat together to analyze your personality, your life goals, and your ideal man to find a wonderful look that makes YOU confident at your photo shoot. This knowledge will always be with you so you can bring out your attractiveness and femininity, and know exactly how to dress on those exciting dates.

This is exactly how you and your photos will stand out and distinguish you from everyone else.

Let me show you how:


Get an exciting new fashion look perfect for you and your dream life.

Look slim and gorgeous in photos because you dress perfectly for your body type.

Feel incredibly confident and have fun at your photo shoot.

Get rock star photos!



a) Tell me a little about your life, style, and wardrobe challenges. Send me photos of body type and coloring.

b) The Style Detective – Video lesson:

How to find a style that is perfect for your personality, your ideal client, and your business brand.

c) Create Pinterest Boards with new and exciting ideas using my insider techniques from 20 years as a fashion designer.

d) The Body Type Guide – Video lesson:

Learn how to dress for your particular body type. This is revolutionary for many clients and makes you feel more beautiful and confident in your body than you ever thought possible.

e) The Power of Color – Video lesson:

You’ll learn which colors look amazing on you and how to use them. I will pick your seasonal colors but you will not be limited by any particular color system. Your colors will be tailor made for you and your lifestyle.


An exclusive 60 minute one on one video chat with complete focus on how you will nail your style for your photo shoot.

a) The right style for your dating photos. I use my experience as a fashion designer to go beyond clothes and make up to look at you image as a whole.

b) Exactly which clothes to get for the photo shoot.

c) A pro color consultation to find the colors that are perfect for your looks and your brand.

d) Tips and tricks for the photo shoot itself. What to bring and how to work with your photographer, make-up artist, and hairdresser.


a) Video Lesson: Shopping made easy.

My personal tips for making shopping fun, fast, and successful.

b) Email feedback on outfits.

I help you select the right outfits for your shoot. Just email me your photos and I’ll get back with my recommendations.



  • You will have amazing outfits to wear.
  • You will know how to communicate with your photographer, make-up artist and hair dresser.
  • You will feel happy and confident with your style.

Ready to invest in yourself and get the amazing style you’ve always wanted?

Buy my exclusive Style Consulting Package:

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for $599


“Over the past two years, I lost 40 pounds and the way my body looks in clothes completely changed.

I never thought of myself as unattractive, but I just didn’t know what shapes would be appropriate for me.

I had a photo shoot coming up and needed to look my best. I reached out to Hilde because I knew she’d be able to help me find the best style just for me without feeling like I was inauthentic or wearing someone else’s clothes.”

Gen Malone – The Inertia Project


I didn’t quite know what to expect but Hilde knocked it out of the park.

She asked me questions about my personal style, my preferences, the occasion, and other details that showed that not only did she know her fashion, but she truly cared about how I would feel at the event.

I had bought some dresses previously and sent her snapshots so she could see what I’d chosen for myself.

She worked with me to develop a “wardrobe palette” of things I might want to consider based on our conversation, and I ended up completely changing my choices since her suggestions were so wonderful.”

“I have a bubbly personality and am tall, young and into fitness, so Hilde’s suggestions were slim-fitting, bright, and cut to flatter my body type without being too revealing (a big concern of mine, since I’m in fitness but am fairly modest in person).

We played around with different shapes and colors and her suggestions made me more confident to embrace my body shape and play up my assets. I ended up choosing a completely different shape and color that I feel is MORE “ME” than what I originally chose for myself!

Overall, working with Hilde is a great experience, I highly recommend her, and I’m going to use her services again in the future!”


“I was excited to book a professional photo shoot from a top photographer. How was I going to prepare and create the perfect look for myself?

So it was a wonderful relief when photographer Heidi Hapanowicz introduced me to my new secret weapon Hilde.

Hilde helped me understand exactly what type of clothes would look amazing on my body type and also work in photos.


Having an experienced fashion stylist like Hilde give me advice was invaluable

  • She helped me understand exactly which dresses would suit my body type and which accessories would give the right vibe I wanted.
  • I had a terrific time at the shoot knowing I was looking my best.
  • I felt beautiful and confident on camera – and the results showed!”


Ready to invest in yourself and get the amazing style you’ve always wanted?

Buy my exclusive Style Consulting Package:

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for $599


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