Are you secretly dreaming about looking gorgeous and on-brand like one of those rich, successful online stars like Marie Forleo?

The type of stunning but cool, professional style that instantly shows your clients that you’re a hotshot expert.

You might seem to have everything sorted in your business and your clients adore you, but then there’s that nagging feeling that there’s something not quite right about your brand and style.

Or maybe you’re so new to the online business that you feel like you’re starting from scratch.

Developing a style and a strong online brand is an ongoing process where it’s important to learn and grow so you always take the next step up the ladder.

Let me show you the easiest and most fun and stylish way to the top:

The beginner is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start.

Nailing your personal style using branding principles is the first baby step towards creating a branded website, logo, and clothing style that makes you look like you’re much further ahead in business than what you really are.

This is a very clever shortcut that will save you time, money, heart- and headaches. It’s the perfect solution when you’ve got amazing expertise from your offline career but not enough to show online just yet.

Perhaps you’re an online expert who just can’t get to the next level.

You’ve got the website, the clients, and the expertise, but you know you can reach higher.

You know you need to up your style to be able to play with the online stars, get those high-profile speaking gigs, and be invited on Entrepreneur on Fire.

Nailing your style is the perfect first step for a rebrand or even just a tweak, and as a bonus, you’ll know what to wear whenever you need to make a video or go on Skype.

It’ll also give you that much-needed kick in the butt to book your next photoshoot or go for that TedX opportunity.

Still, you might think that nailing your style isn’t for you because:

  • I have no style and have never had a style. I don’t think someone like me could ever be stylish.

Let me stop you right there.
Have you seen my own before and after pictures? The difference is mind-blowing. Even fashion designers get it wrong.

Life happens. We can all end up in a rut and lose our style, and we can all climb back up again even if things feel hopeless right now.

  • I would love to look beautiful, stylish, and on-brand but I don’t know the first step.

Nailing your style is a process you can learn, just like you’ve learned how to send out automated emails. It’s a mystery at first, but after your aha moment, it’s as easy as licking ice cream.

I’ve used my expertise from teaching fashion design and developed a super easy method that actually works, even if you have no time to think about clothes.

  • My brand and business aren’t 100 % clear.

This mini-course is the first baby step in nailing or refining your brand. It starts with a quick and easy exercise to define your brand because the truth is that style and branding are a pair of gorgeous twin sisters. Genetically they’re the same.

You can nail your style and branding even if you’re completely confused about them right now. This is exactly what you’ll learn.

Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Get a Style Board full of stunning photos that show you a ton of gorgeous clothes that make you squeal with delight like an Oscar invitation from Johnny Depp.
  • Get a Style Board that shows you the exact shapes and colors for a superstar style that makes Gwen Stefani green with envy.
  • Get a Style Board that shows the exact colors, look, and feel that are SO perfect for your online brand that you can create a show-stopping website that makes your competition cry.
  • Get Style Confidence so you can WOW your clients and sell infinitely more.

NAIL YOUR STYLE is exactly what you need to stand out and distinguish yourself from the competition, even if you’re wearing yoga pants right now and have no idea what to wear in your next video, or even if you’d rather DIE than to get on camera. You’ll also feel so much better about yourself and your own personality.

 Let me show you how:

You might think that this sounds like an awful lot of work, and heaven knows that something you already have plenty of.


I’ve boiled down my 20 years as a designer and teacher to create a quick and easy solution.

All you need is:

One Perfect Day.

It’ll be like one of those fun little workshops that blows you away by showing you an ingenious method so you get a whopping aha moment and amazing results without spending weeks fretting and agonizing.

It’s like having a helicopter take you to work.

This is the program for your One Perfect Day when you finally NAIL YOUR STYLE:

Welcome to the Mini Course

Watch the welcome video while you’re brushing your teeth, so you know what’s in store for the day.

Bingo: You’re ready for your Perfect Day

Module 1: Coffee Break Branding

Start with a creamy Cappuccino. You might even go down to your favorite coffee shop. Make it comfy!

Enjoy a quick and surprising video.

Do a super-fun 10-minute exercise.

Bingo: You have defined your Brand

Module 2: Make a Scene

Order another coffee, or perhaps a green smoothie this time.

Enjoy a super inspiring video.

Get lost in the joy of this creative 10-minute exercise.

Bingo: You have a Super Star Mini Manuscript that nails your future dream business and life.

You need this to look so stylish and successful that people treat you like a star, and you start acting like one.

Module 3: Super Star Style Board

Order a delicious lunch. You can even match it to your style board. I would go for sushi myself.

Devour a quick but rich video full of new methods and ideas that were stolen from the secret world of fashion design.

Have the time of your life jamming to your favorite girl power anthem as you collect gorgeous photos that make your heart sing.

Bingo: You have your Super Star Style Board

By dinner time you will:

  • Know exactly what to wear
  • Know the specific style of your brand
  • Have a crystal-clear style and brand that’s uniquely YOU
  • Have a gorgeous look that will WOW your clients

You can show off your gorgeous new Super Star Style Board and listen to your mastermind buddies gasp and shriek in delight.

Ready to spend just One Perfect Day and 98 bucks?

-which by the way is the average price of a cheap outfit from H&M?

You’ll save 10 times that amount when you stop buying clothes that are completely wrong for you, not to mention saving stress and embarrassment when you finally look stylish and on-brand. I dare you to take a quick peek in your closet and add up the price of all those clothes you never wear.

Or you can just forget about your past mistakes, buy the course, and get a fresh new start.   Click below to get on board:

NAIL YOUR STYLE online course for only $98

or 3 monthly payments of $37

These are what my happy, stylish clients are saying:

Jessica from The Uptrovert had spent a ton of money on the wrong clothes and was further away from nailing her style than ever before.

She was super happy to buy the course:

After the course, she rocked her style on a trip to New York where she impressed her friends and felt like a superstar:

Even if you’re the “unstylish one” you can nail your style and surprise both yourself, your clients, and even your darling husband.

I’ll hold your hand through a simple but effective process, so even if you have no style today you’ll have nailed it by tomorrow.


Fitness sensation Gen Malone from The Inertia Project had tried the traditional route to finding her style.

Listen to what she has to say about working with me:

Gen says:

“I was buying fashion magazines and then throwing them across the room when I felt like they weren’t relevant to me, or didn’t have the styles I was looking for.

I didn’t quite know what to expect but Hilde knocked it out of the park.

She asked me questions about my personal style, my preferences, the occasion, and other details that showed that not only did she know her fashion, but she truly cared about how I would feel at the event.

I had bought some dresses previously and sent her snapshots so she could see what I’d chosen for myself.

She worked with me to develop a “wardrobe palette” of things I might want to consider based on our conversation, and I ended up completely changing my choices since her suggestions were so wonderful.

Overall, working with Hilde is a great experience, I highly recommend her, and I’m going to use her services again in the future!”

Check out how Gen has a clear and distinct style that’s perfect for her fitness business:


Diana Tower is a Facebook Community Expert who needs her style to be striking and spot-on for getting on the big stage and mingling with high profile influencers at conferences.

I helped her prepare for Ramit Sethi’s huge New York event Forefront:

A short-cut to Confidence.

My business name: Get Style Confidence was not an accident.

A gigantic explosion of confidence is the number one result my clients talk about.

Confidence is the most effective superpower there is.

It’s exactly what you need to become that rock star business babe you’ve always dreamed of being.

Advanced students love it too:

Look at Mary Fernandez from Persuasion Nation who’s a terrific marketer.

Her photo is so stunning it made me gasp out loud.

She had already created a killer mood board for her brand when I met her. I helped her nail a unique look and push her style much further to create a custom made look that is one of a kind in the online space.

This is what Mary said:

Listen to Amanda’s excitement about her Super Star Style Board:

Amanda is the brain behind EAT YOUR DIRT: A huge online summit on sustainable gardening.

She is psyched about how her Style Board NAILED her personality and that she can look and feel pretty even when she’s digging in the dirt. Just listen:



It’s working for me too.

As a fashion designer, I’ve traveled all over the world and worked in 4 different countries, but I’m pretty new in online business.

Still, I’m getting invited to collaborate with high-level online experts because my style and branding is so good.

Last week I got an email from an established style blogger who was looking for experts for a fashion summit.

She took one look at my website and immediately thought my list was over 5000 people so she sent me this:

The Whole Package – Advanced clients only.

For those who want to speed up the entire styling process and go pro from the start, I have a few spots for exclusive one-on-one consultations.

This is the perfect solution if you have a speaking gig, a photoshoot, a conference, or any type of dead-line where you just HAVE to look better than ever before.

I recently styled the outstanding queen of words and branding: Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project for her latest photoshoot.

Listen to Ash:

“If you’ve ever wanted to feel like both (a) a celebrity and (b) the coolest human alive, I cannot recommend hiring Hilde enough!!! (Cue: ALL THE KAZOOS.)

As someone who looooooves fashion, and who thinks she has pretty decent personal style (with the exception of that furry jacket from 2006) I never thought about hiring a personal stylist UNTIL all the sudden I realized that I might have an eye for style, but no CLUE how to dress for my body type. (Especially considering that my body type is playing a not-so-funny game of musical chairs.)

Pair that with an upcoming photo shoot for my brand, and I was all sorts of anxious about looking my best in front of the camera—which they say also adds another 15 fun-loving pounds.

That’s where Hilde came in. She worked with me virtually, which was a huge, huge help, given that I was in Costa Rica at the time, to help me plan and arrange the perfect, body-slimming wardrobe that was sharp, dynamite AND on-brand.

The minute she came on board I felt this hugeeee relief lifted off of my shoulders—it was so nice not to have to worry about this, for once, and just show up!

Whether you’re doing something professionally or just personally, this is a huge game-changer, and I’m convinced every woman should have someone on their wardrobe team at least once in their life.

This is one treat that isn’t so much a treat, but a necessity. I’d hire Hilde every day of my life if I could. It’s just a bonus that she’s so awesome and sweet on top of it all! “

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to work with a top branding photographer like Heidi Hapanowicz:

Ruth the Lifestyle Designer:

Ruth Ridgeway from the Lifestyle Designers Club is an amazing designer and photographer herself, but even professionals can do with some help. She had a clear idea about what she wanted to achieve in her photos and was experimenting with an exciting new direction and visual look for her business.

Like many creatives, she had Pinterest boards brimming with ideas but needed help narrowing down her style to a clear and distinct look. We lovingly put aside beautiful bohemian dresses and funky sequin skirts to focus on the modern minimalism that was THE perfect look for her brand.

Ruth sent me photos from her shopping trips and together we nailed the look that made her feel confident and on-brand for her shoot.

Beautiful right?

Cindy the Ballsy Biz Babe:

Cindy is a marketing and naming expert who went from pretty to stunning by learning how to dress for her body type.

I showed her exactly which shapes to wear to make her body look as slim and streamlined as possible.

Looking at her photos it’s hard to believe she’s a super busy mom who organizes girl scout cookies and walks the dog every morning.

Cindy even had ME tricked.

I was 100 % certain she had lost weight but she was only using the techniques I had taught her myself.

Amanda’s body image changed completely.

Listen to the deeply touching testimonial she gave at my webinar.

This is why I absolutely love my work:


You only get it here.

Be aware that Dressing for your Body Type is ONLY available as part of the one-on-one consultation package.

How the consulting program works:

The Nail your Style Mini Course:

The Mini Course is a super quick way to nail a look that’s 100 % on brand.

The process works for branding newbies, rebranding, and if you’ve done an in-depth branding job already.

Bingo: You Nail your Brand Style.

The Consultation Call

You and I get on a cozy Skype chat and I use my extensive fashion experience to nail actual outfits that are perfect for your brand, your personal coloring, as well as your body type.

My clients ADORE looking sexier than ever before and many of them fall in love with their own body for the first time when I show them how to dress for their body type.

I show you the colors that make your skin glow and photos pop so you get people to actually click on your Facebook ads.

Bingo: You know which Shapes and Colors to wear to look 10 lbs lighter and 10 years younger.

Email Feedback:

I help you analyze your outfits so you know exactly which clothes to keep and which to return to the store or donate to charity.

If you have a special occasion like a photo shoot, party, conference, or sales webinar I help you pick a killer outfit that boosts your confidence and makes you look like a star.

Bingo: You know exactly which outfit to wear.


Dig deep into style and color with my fun bonus videos so you can:

  • Look slim and sleek by dressing for your body type.
  • Glow like a star by wearing your power colors.
  • Be a kamikaze shopper with my professional shopping tips.

These are amazing tools to prep for our consultation call but will also help you look stylish for the rest of your life.

Ready to go pro and get a style worthy of an advanced online star?

The key to growing your business is to become more visible and that’ll be 10 times easier when you look and feel confident with a killer style that makes you look like the expert you truly are.

Is it worth the investment?

  • Yes. We both know that hiring a consultant to get you outstanding results straight away is better than wasting time trying to fix things yourself. Your time is better spent using your expertise to grow your business.
  • Yes. We both know that at a certain point you need to do some high-level investments such as a Blue Yeti Mic or a Professional Stylist to play in the major league.
  • Yes. You will save cash when you stop buying clothes you never wear, and you can make back this investment on your next shopping trip.

And don’t worry. Working with me does NOT mean you have to spend a fortune on clothes. I’ll show you how to look like you’ve been shopping at Chanel even if you’ve just been to the mall. We’ll also find those hidden gems that are already in your own closet.

Let’s get started. I’m dying to style YOU.

Click below for my exclusive Style Consulting Package:



The Whole Package

Private Consultation $799

  • includes the Online Course


Online Course Only $98

or 3 monthly payments of $37