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Your Jaw-dropping Style Makeover is HERE.

 I am DYING for you to join me in this video where I tell you all the juicy details about how you can go from Pajama-Mama to Hot Biz Rockstar in just 4 days. (Videos hosted by Vimeo.)

DAY 3: 


The ultimate way to use color to look 10 years younger.

Discover the colors that make your natural beauty glow so you feel über-confident, professional, and insanely pretty.

If you prefer black, then I’ll let you in on how those chic Parisian designers look so stunning and sensuous in black.


You can win Glittering PRIZES: 


Simply by DOING the MAKEOVER exercises and posting comments on Facebook.

Check out what you can win:

  1. The GOLD Prize:

One ULTRA-LUCKY woman actually WINS my BODY CONFIDENCE course that’s currently selling for almost $300 (and worth SO much more.)
Because, how can you put a price on a comprehensive body type dressing course that takes you from feeling fat and frumpy to feeling like Beyoncé instead. You’ll finally know YOUR individual body type and how to ditch your current frumpy wardrobe for sexy clothes that fit you like a glove and make you look like a bombshell.


  1. The SILVER Prize:

Two WONDERWOMEN are showered with my sensational Signature Style course NAIL YOUR STYLE that gets you a Super Star Style board showing the colors, clothes, and style that makes you look like an Online Star. This course is selling for almost $100 and is that ultra-important first step you need to create a unique look.


  1. The BRONZE Prize:

No less than FIVE happy hamsters get my spanking new SOCIAL MEDIA SELFIE MASTERCLASS so they can take stunning selfies to post on Facebook and WOW their clients – without having to book a photographer every time.



That is EIGHT opportunities to win a PRIZE.

All you need to do is to post selfies and comments in the daily makeover post on the Get Style Confidence page and you can win all of the prizes.

You get 1 point for each question you answer and 5 points for each selfie.

Best of all, you get 10 points for SHARING one of the daily makeover posts. 🙂

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Day 2:


Check out the video with Oprah and Beyoncé’s tips on looking streamlined at any size.


Discover how you can style your existing wardrobe so your figure looks more stunning than ever before.

Day 1:


Check out the video with your European Stylist’s tips to YOUR Celebrity Style:


Discover the 3 things fashionable women in London, Paris, and Stockholm always do to create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind style that makes them stand out from the crowd and turn the heads of tall handsome strangers in this in depth 20 minute style video.