Meet Selena Soo:

The über-successful Queen of Publicity who wows us with her rockstar photos from glamorous locations like New York and Santorini.

She’s been endorsed by big stars like Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte, but more importantly:

She’s the genius behind regular gals like YOU and ME getting featured on gold dripping sites like Forbes, Business Insider, and Cosmopolitan.

So, don’t for a second think that this has nothing to do with you.

Selena might LOOK like a child prodigy who was dancing next to Britney Spears at 10 years old, but you’ll never guess what her background actually is:

She’s a self-confessed introvert who’s had to overcome extreme shyness and has pushed herself WAY out of her comfort zone to get on camera. Her huge success is partly owed to her being a master at leveraging every photo opportunity there is because she knows the persuasive power of an outstanding picture – even as an introvert.


You and me, we both know that YOU also need piping hot photos for when its YOUR time to be splashed all over Forbes so allow me to introduce:


Selena’s 3 Stylish Secrets for Rocking your Photos.

Selena’s Style Secret no 1:

Wear the perfect color.

Selena often wears clear bright colors that show off her unique beauty defined by the striking contrast between her pristine, bright skin and her flowy, raven hair.

She’s a winter type in the seasonal color system and looks fantastic in energizing yellow, popping red, and rich emerald green.

These colors don’t only look wonderful on her but are eye-popping brights that make you stop scrolling and start clicking as soon as her photo pops up in your news feed.

How you can pull off the same:

Wear colors that are both 100% on-brand by making sure they communicate the perfect look for your business.

The colors must make your eyes, hair, and skin look stunning so get a color analysis if you can. The ideal colors communicate your brand message band and make you look like a style icon too.


Selena’s Style Secret no 2:

Push your style to the max.

The biggest lesson I learned back when I was a Fashion Week and TV stylist is that you have to exaggerate in photos or you’ll simply look too bland.

Your delicate minimalist bracelet will hardly be visible in a photo, which is why models in Vogue wear 10 huge bangles at the same time. You have to overdo style or risk being overlooked.

We both know Selena doesn’t stand around like a Greek goddess on a white sugar cube terrasse in Santorini every day, but this wind- and mind-blowing red dress is proof of her glamorous globetrotting lifestyle and proof that her publicity program is a trampoline to success.

This stunning photo is doing the job of selling us our dreams.

How you can do it too:

Don’t be afraid to be “too much” in photos because the risk of being too boring is much, much bigger.

People will love you when you dare to break boundaries and act like a superstar. They need you to be the leader that inspires them to follow their dreams.

Selena’s Style Secret no 3:

Go behind the scenes.

This super cute photo shows the exact opposite of the glamour shot above. We all love to know what our favorite business icons really are like in private. It just makes you feel like you actually know them.

I just adore this shot of a laid back holiday girl who fell in love with a kitty-cat she found in a quirky Greek backstreet.

Selena is amazing at combining glam shots with adorable no-make-up-artist-in-sight snapshots so we all fall head over heels in love with her warm personality – exactly like this purring kitten.

Her videos are also an amazing mix of ultra-professional shots and easy-going lives that show the different sides to her personality.

How you can do the same:

Don’t be afraid to show multiple sides to your personality.

Your clients need to see you both as a glamorous business babe who represents the dream life they’ll achieve by working with you but also as a down to earth person who understands what it’s like to be a regular working woman who spends more time writing emails than at the spa.

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