• I just LOVE bright pink, black, and white.
  • Then I want a luxury hotel backdrop and those pretty dresses that everyone’s wearing
  • And I’m going blonde!

Oh no. I’m working with yet another woman entrepreneur who’s fallen head over heels in love with someone else’s style. She’s been swooning over her favorite online star Emily Willams of I Heart my Life on YouTube and just can’t help herself from trying to copy her idol.

She’s not doing it on purpose. Not at all.

Just like you and me, she’s just a regular hard-working entrepreneur who’s not used to creating a 100% unique stand-alone brand style and has no idea which techniques to use. She’s an expert in her own field and naturally doesn’t have fashion and design training. So how on earth is she supposed to know how to create her own look?

So many women unwillingly copy big names with a unique style such as Emily Williams, Kimra Luna, and Marie Forleo. Then they end up looking like bleak copies and wonder why their brand never takes off.

I’m begging you: Do NOT copy someone else’s style!

It’ll just come back and bite you in your Copy Cat behind.


“But Hilde, I have NO idea how to create my own style.


No worries my dear. Your professional expertise lies elsewhere

But the fashion design teacher in me has a very neat trick that she’s successfully taught her design students and now she’s ready to share it with you.


Let me introduce, Hilde’s Style Baby Technique

– the Celebrity Version:

Have you noticed how those celebrity babies look even cuter than the Mama and the Papa? When it comes to making babies then 1+1 does NOT equal 2. It equals something way, way better.

It’s exactly the same with style.

Outstanding style is often a mix of 2 different looks that are mixed together to give birth to an entirely new Style Baby that’s never seen the light of day before. It’s a simple but ingenious way to create a unique look – in no time at all.

All you have to do is find yourself a Style Mama and a Style Papa who are very different from each other, send them on a date, and BOOM you have an exciting new Style Baby.

And you CAN use celebrities as your Style Mama and Style Papa – but pick someone from a different industry or you’ll end up a Copy Cat.


Let’s make a Style Baby right this minute!


Imagine you’re an online coach who wants to showcase both your professional background AND your soulful spiritual side.

Then your Style Papa could be a sleek and elegant James Bond in one of those Italian silk suits. That would clearly communicate your educational pedigree and gold framed diplomas.

Our darling coach could invest in some Bond Babe pieces like these:

I bet James would love these exquisite items from Armani but honestly, it’s NOT a unique style. We’ve seen it before and you can find similar stuff at Banana Republic.

We need to send him on a date with an exotic, deep, and spiritual woman to spice things up a bit.

I know exactly who: Let’s invent a sophisticated MOVIE CHARACTER who’s a Japanese geisha turned world traveler. You usually find her sipping mint tea by the infinity pool in Bali.

I bet she would LOVE these clothes. I know I do:

OMG. I just adore that Asian jetsetter look but it doesn’t look that professional. It gives me the holiday feels.

We need to get James over here to add a British accent to that wardrobe.

Let’s see the new and exciting result when we get our Style Papa and our Style Mama together:

Oh wow. Now she looks like a dangerous Bond Babe.

Check out those boots!

Let’s make another Style Baby:

YES! Imagine greeting your guests at your Mastermind Retreat in this luxurious outfit!

Now we finally have a style that’s different from everyone else. This will certainly stand out in her client’s Facebook feed and get our coach noticed. No more looking like all the other coaches out there.


But what do you do if you’re already an online star, like Emily Williams?

If you happen to BE one of those gorgeous ladies who gets copied then I have a cure for you too.

You can also use Hilde’s Style Baby Technique but your Style Mama will be your existing brand style since it’s already a huge success.

Just like Coca Cola only tweaks their successful brand ever so slightly to stay updated, you can let your brand evolve with small baby steps so you always stay one step ahead of the pack (and the Copy Cats.)

The perfect Style Papa for successful style icons is Parisian designer Karl Lagerfeld as a representative of new fashion trends.

Because if you already have a killer brand then you want to stick to that without repeating the same look all the time. The easiest refresher for you is to check out which if the new trends will be a natural continuation of your brand.

I was so inspired by Emily’s incredible brand that I took the liberty of sending her a Style Prezzie with loads of new outfits for her. The dresses I picked were on 100% brand for her BUT Style Papa Lagerfeld was also in the picture with his new fashion trends

Watch this video where I explain how you can do the same:


Here’s how YOU can make a Style Baby too:


I’ve made it super simple for you by creating 10 outfit templates.

Best of all: you can use what you already have in your wardrobe such as:

  • Your basic black tops and bottoms
  • Your trusted old jeans

I’ll also show you how to pick the ULTIMATE entrepreneurial dress so you don’t look exactly like your competitor.

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