Are you ready to look more beautiful than you were in High School?


– without a facelift or tons of make-up


 – but instead by wearing colors that are perfect for YOU


so your hair and skin look fantastic and you get the compliments you deserve.

You’ll finally look and feel stunning – even in photos

– just like those ageless Hollywood stars?

The type of energetic, vibrant, and gorgeous woman

who magnetically attracts clients (and men), gets hundreds of likes,

thousands of followers, countless TV-interviews, and millions in sales.

Hello – I’m Hilde 🙂

Former fashion designer and design teacher who’s now the

Go-to Stylist for Women Entrepreneurs

I work with women just like YOU

to nail their style and branding,

so they can WOW their clients and sell more.

5 years of fashion training and 20 years of fashion design

has taught me all the insider secrets to

dressing for your body type.

25 years as an international business woman has proved how

critical it is to create your own


by looking and feeling beautiful and exactly like YOU.

10 years as a MOM

has taught me how crucial it is to

Dress up and Celebrate Myself.

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Sign up below to get my ONE MINUTE VIDEO

with the exact way to:

– discover the colors that make you look amazing

– just by using your smart phone

It includes:

A quick way to objectively compare different colors

An easy way to test new colors without having to buy new clothes

– all without the help of a color consultant



Don’t look behind you to see who that tall handsome stranger is checking out.

He’s looking at YOU.

Sign up below so you can look STUNNING by wearing the PERFECT colors:

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