Get a crystal clear color palette that’s going to make both you and your business look amazing in photos, graphics, and everything you need for your website.

I finally decided to create this product after I’ve had to save quite a few photo shoot clients from looking boring and pasty faced, because their web designer had created a color palette that didn’t take THEM: The Leading Lady of the business into consideration.

The Consultation Service includes:

  • A Personal Consultation Call where I go deep into your personality and your brand.
  • A Personalized Color Palette based on the Seasonal Color System and your hair and complexion.
  • A Super Star Style Board made by an International Fashion Designer & Stylist Hilde Fossen. This shows you exactly what kind of clothes to wear for your business.
  • A Complete Brand Color Palette that marries your Business Style with your Personal Palette.

You are invited to get on board for only $697.