Wouldn’t you love to look more glowing and beautiful than EVER before – simply because you’re wearing your PERFECT colors?

Wearing the ultimate shades for YOUR unique complexion, hair, and eye color is the quickest way to:

  • Look and feel more beautiful – than even back in your disco queen days.

  • Feel über-confident about your natural beauty – despite the wrinkles you got for your birthday and that annoying double chin.

  • Get more compliments than Taylor Swift’s prettier sister – even if you’re just a work-from-home-warrior in yoga pants.

Maybe you’ve been shocked to the bone by your pallid and pasty-faced mug in a devastating photo on Facebook.


Maybe you’re a ghostly pale type like me who tend to resemble a batch of sour bread dough when wearing the latest trend colors. (Hello mustard yellow!)


Maybe your skin color is cold but your hair color is warm, so you have no idea which colors actually suit you. (Could you actually pull off that creme color you love on Jennifer Lopez?)


Maybe you LOVE to wear black but you realize that you need the perfect make-up colors to look pretty, or you’ll just get mistaken for an extra in the latest vampire movie.


Maybe you’re of Asian, African, or American descent and have found that 90 % of the color analysis info online is made for white women. (This has to change.)

Well, first of all, let’s face the naked truth: 

Fashion and color trends are not created to make YOU look and feel gorgeous.

They’re invented to make you BUY more.

You could even argue that they’re created to make you feel horrible about yourself because then you’ll be back at the mall looking for YET another new piece of clothing – and they’ll make even more money off you.

It’s a vicious circle.

What you need is to identify the colors that are perfect for YOU:
  • With YOUR skin tone.
  • With YOUR hair color – natural or dyed.
  • With YOUR signature style.

You’ll look 10 years younger and 5 points sexier in colors that make you GLOW – plus you can keep your clothes for years since they suit you so perfectly.

So, if you’d love to look like Jennifer Aniston with that perfect sunkissed body inside a basic tank top, then you HAVE to find the color that makes YOUR skin look as stunning as hers.

I’m sure you’ve tried:

You might have tried bronzing powder but you’re afraid you’ll be mistaken for that orange toddler in chief.


You might end up wearing black but and then you’re desperate to find a concealer to hide the dark circles under your eyes.


You might even have had a color analysis in the past but you’re convinced that there was something completely wrong with it. (This is quite common of you’ve been put in the Autumn category.)


Let me clear up your color confusion and introduce you to:




This is how it works:

1. Snap a quick selfie

Just swing out your phone and send me a snapshot of your pretty face.

Then enjoy a lovely day at the spa while your fashion expert picks out your colors.

That simple.

2. Join me on a cozy video chat

This is where we go deep into your style, your brand, and your personal feelings about colors.

This gives me the info I need to create a powerful color palette that suits your complexion, your hair, your personal taste, your style, and your brand.

3. Get your personalized color palette

You get your very own color palette with shades that are picked out especially for you.

You’ll know which colors to wear on tops and dresses that are close to your face and that are vital to looking good in photos and on video.

You’ll know which base colors to pick for pants, skirts, shoes, and bags so your outfit always looks put together and you don’t need to buy masses of clothes.

It’s all about building a capsule wardrobe by narrowing down your colors.

4. Finally, enjoy shopping

Shopping is fun and relaxing when you know your colors:

Simply scan a store to see if they have your colors and ignore everything else.

When you find your colors you can be confident that they are the perfect items to buy.

No more second guessing and endless fretting.

You’ll have color confidence.

5. Look more stunning than ever before

WOW your mastermind buddies, your hypercritical mother-in-law AND your handsome man.

They’ll be positively SHOCKED at how young, fresh, and super sexy you look in the ultimate colors for you.

PLUS – you’ll be confident enough to sell way more in your business.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

Ready to spend a cozy 90 minutes with me and 697 bucks?

– which is probably less than the cost of the clothes in your closet that is the WRONG color for you.

You’ll save 10 times that amount when you stop buying clothes that make you look drab, not to mention saving stress and embarrassment when you don’t feel good about the way you look.

Or you can just forget about your past mistakes and get a fresh new start.

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I was once color confused too.

At 45 I was depressingly dressed in a frumpy librarian outfit that was the perfect echo of my life in a rut: Dead-end job, joyless university studies, over-worked mom.

Worst of all:

The black and grey made me look like a nightmare.

The very first thing I did to turn my life around was to get back to my own creative designer style by wearing joyful, colorful skirts and dresses.

The energy of wearing those glowing colors kick-started my new dream life with a colorful business and clients in 14 different countries, Just check out this colorful pic:


Ready to join me and finally get the colors that make you GLOW?

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or 2 easy monthly payments of $397

Pay in full
Payment plan