Allow me to introduce: My DARLING clients!

The New York Kick Ass Coach: Carolyn Herfuth


The Cheerful Online Community Consultant: Diana Tower


The Middle Finger Project: Ash Ambirge


A love note from Ash:


“If you’ve ever wanted to feel like both (a) a celebrity and (b) the coolest human alive, I cannot recommend hiring Hilde enough!!! (Cue: ALL THE KAZOOS.)

As someone who looooooves fashion, and who thinks she has pretty decent personal style (with the exception of that furry jacket from 2006) I never thought about hiring a personal stylist UNTIL all the sudden I realized that I might have an eye for style, but no CLUE how to dress for my body type. (Especially considering that my body type is playing a not-so-funny game of musical chairs.)

Pair that with an upcoming photoshoot for my brand, and I was all sorts of anxious about looking my best in front of the camera—which they say also adds another 15 fun-loving pounds.

That’s where Hilde came in. She worked with me virtually, which was a huge, huge help, given that I was in Costa Rica at the time, to help me plan and arrange the perfect, body-slimming wardrobe that was sharp, dynamite AND on-brand.

The minute she came on board I felt this hugeeee relief lifted off of my shoulders—it was so nice not to have to worry about this, for once, and just show up!

Whether you’re doing something professionally or just personally, this is a huge game-changer, and I’m convinced every woman should have someone on their wardrobe team at least once in their life.

This is one treat that isn’t so much a treat, but a necessity. I’d hire Hilde every day of my life if I could. It’s just a bonus that she’s so awesome and sweet on top of it all! “


International Copy Queen: Jenn Whinnem


The Fitness Sensation: Gen Malone


Love from Gen:

“I was buying fashion magazines and then throwing them across the room when I felt like they weren’t relevant to me, or didn’t have the styles I was looking for.

I didn’t quite know what to expect but Hilde knocked it out of the park.

She asked me questions about my personal style, my preferences, the occasion, and other details that showed that not only did she know her fashion, but she truly cared about how I would feel at the event.

I had bought some dresses previously and sent her snapshots so she could see what I’d chosen for myself.

She worked with me to develop a “wardrobe palette” of things I might want to consider based on our conversation, and I ended up completely changing my choices since her suggestions were so wonderful.

Overall, working with Hilde is a great experience, I highly recommend her, and I’m going to use her services again in the future!”

Iris van Ooyen: The Bright Eyes Coach


Cindy Ball: The Life & Biz Coach


Queen of Facebook Ads: Michelle Bridger


Love from Michelle:

“I was excited to book a professional photoshoot from a top photographer. How was I going to prepare and create the perfect look for myself?

So it was a wonderful relief when photographer Heidi Hapanowicz introduced me to my new secret weapon Hilde.

Hilde helped me understand exactly what type of clothes would look amazing on my body type and also work in photos. Having an experienced fashion stylist like Hilde give me advice was invaluable – she helped me understand exactly which dresses would suit my body type and which accessories would give the right vibe I wanted.

I had a terrific time at the shoot knowing I was looking my best, I 
felt beautiful and confident on camera – and the results showed!

I love how my styling session with Hilde went and will continue to use the styling knowledge I learned from her.”

The Essential Health Coach: Frani Pisano


The Love Coach & Her Prince: Bari and Michael Lyman


The Luxury Interior Designer: Debbie Perez