Here’s what 

you’ll learn:

DAY 1:


The European Stylist’s Secret to finding your unique Celebrity Style.


Discover the 3 things fashionable women in London, Paris, and Stockholm always do to create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind style that makes them stand out from the crowd and turn the heads of tall handsome strangers.

DAY 2: 


Oprah & Beyoncé’s trick to looking streamlined at any size.


The single thing TV-stars and MTV babes always do to blow their audience away by looking hot as hell

– without spending the entire day at the gym

– and counting cash instead of calories.

DAY 3:


The ultimate way to use color to look 10 years younger.

  Discover the colors that make your natural beauty glow so you feel über-confident, professional, and insanely pretty. If you prefer black, then I’ll let you in on how those chic Parisian designers look so stunning and sensuous in black.

Day 4:


How to create a dazzling wardrobe.

  Discover the 5 surprising fashion pieces that work perfectly together so you can look and feel like a sophisticated fashionista without breaking the bank or spending the entire weekend shopping.

1. You actually BELIEVE Vogue and fashion bloggers

when they tell you to buy the

latest stupid trend.

(Just forget those pleated midi skirts.)


2. You also believe you need to be an indecently young Instababe

to be stylish and glamorous

(Is there really no hope for 50-year-olds like Hilde?) 


3. You’ve even been tricked into believing that looking like

a HOT ONLINE STAR takes more time and money

than working in your pajama.

(Simply get a Branded Capsule Wardrobe.)


Hello – I’m Hilde 🙂

Former fashion designer and design teacher who’s now the

Go-to Stylist for Women Entrepreneurs

I work with women just like YOU

to nail their style and branding,

so they can WOW their clients and sell more.

5 years of fashion training and 20 years of fashion design

has taught me all the insider secrets to

dressing for your body type.

25 years as an international business woman has proved how

critical it is to create your own


by looking and feeling Stylish and Unique.

… and 10 years as a MOM

has taught me how crucial it is to

Dress up and Celebrate Myself.