You’re Too Old To Dress Like That!

Who do you think you are Hilde?!? You can’t dress like that. That dress is way too sexy for someone your age. Ever heard the expression “mutton dressed as lamb?” My inner critic was getting all riled up and had even taken on a posh British accent since I finally had... read more

What to Wear when working from Home

Great call. Please send me your strategy document asap. Lovely undies by the way. Pink is absolutely your color! OMG! My career is over. I’m a complete laughing stock in the online community! I can see them sending dirty FB messages about me right now. He’s gonna tell... read more

Is this what it’s like to be married to Tony?

“Did you cut yourself shaving again honey? OMG. You’ve got bloody cuts all over your chest!” My Bodyguard aka husband just looked down and said: “Yeah it’s the ice. Tony made me do it.”   You see. He was taking his Tony Robbins morning routine very literally.... read more

Summer Lovin’

Ding Dong! How strange. Someone’s at the door. Oh, no! Just as I was getting ready for a cozy Friday night on the couch in the best company possible: Huge glass of red wine, brownies, cozy socks, my duvet, and finally: The new Bridget Jones movie! Boy do I need a... read more

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