6 AM: Checking Facebook in bed.

“OMG. How does she do it?”

Your mastermind buddy has posted yet another eye-popping Facebook update with a stunning portrait. She looks at least 10 years younger than her age and the swirly girly graphics even match her magenta clothes. Everything she posts looks so incredibly stylish and on brand. When you meet her at a conference she looks like she just stepped off her webpage, but not in a fake way. Her look is actually who she really is. She’s both stylish AND real.

“If only I had a cool brand that was 100 % ME, so I could wear beautiful clothes that showed my personality but also made me look professional. THEN I’d finally feel confident posting on social media.”

8 AM: A manic Monday morning.

“Where the heck is that blue top from Zara?”

The kids are already waiting in the car and you’ve got absolutely NOTHING to wear even with old tops and skinny jeans all over the bed and closet that’s bursting with stuff you hate. Not that the other moms have ever seen you in anything other than yoga pants, but today you actually have a business date at Starbucks. You need to at least RESEMBLE an international expert in your field instead of a porridge stained work-from-home mom who no longer knows how to carry a conversation with anyone over the age of 5.

You wish you could crawl back under the covers and spend the whole day dreaming about a huge, white, minimalist walk-in closet filled with a small but gorgeous wardrobe that would make you look relaxed and beautiful like Marie Forleo. You’d always have something stunning to wear but with zero effort.

“Please, give me one of those Capsule Wardrobes.

I don’t need masses of expensive designer wear, just a small selection of clothes I actually LOVE .”

Noon: Lunch with your inbox:

“We love your blog article. Please send over your bio picture.”

HAPPY DANCE! You’re gonna be in freaking Forbes!

But, wait! You don’t have any good photos to send them.

All you have is that boring old corporate shot and a bunch of selfies. Maybe Forbes won’t even publish the article when they see your crappy headshot. What a disaster.

You’ve been meaning to book a photo shoot but want to lose those stubborn last 10 lbs first. What’s the point in buying new clothes and paying a fortune for photos if you’re just gonna look fat and frumpy?

“I wish someone could just tell me exactly which clothes to wear to look pretty and professional in photos. I definitely don’t want to look like a corporate bore, but I don’t want to look like a clueless college kid either. How do find the balance and how do I know which clothes actually work on camera?

4 PM: At the mall.

Yay. The kids have a play date, so you stop by the mall for some new clothes.

The first store has some pretty fall outfits in the window so you optimistically drag a bunch of clothes to the changing room. 10 minutes later you’ve lost the will to live. You look like your GRANDMA in everything. Geez.

You had no idea you’d become THAT fat and that the cellulite had spread like smallpox all over your body. You throw the clothes on the floor and storm off to drown your sorrows in a grande frappuccino with cream on top. Then you bump into your “friend” Skinny Samantha who confesses she never finds clothes either.

  • What, but you’re so slim!
  • Yeah, but everything looks so weird on me. I have no idea if it’s the shape or the colors or what the heck is wrong. It’s impossible to find anything, even if I’m skinny.
“How I wish we both could just drop into a shop and emerge ecstatically with something pretty that actually fits us – without having to spend the entire day at the mall and feeling like the ugliest women in the world. Is that really too much to ask?”

Guess what.

Things CAN be different:

  • You CAN have a unique style that’s 100 % YOU by analyzing who you really are, and turning it into a fashion style, so you can express on the outside who you are on the inside.
  • You CAN use that style to become an online star and sell more, by always looking 100 % on brand so people see you as the hotshot expert in your field.
  • You CAN look gorgeous on Skype and video by getting a curated color palette that works for your skin tone AND your brand.
  • You CAN fall head over heels in love with your body at any size and any age by learning how to dress for your body type.
  • You CAN make shopping super quick and easy by learning which clothes to look for and which to ignore.
  • You CAN have a small and perfectly curated Capsule Wardrobe that is both practical and stylish.
  • You CAN save money by only buying things you will actually wear.

Helloooo, I’m Hilde.

Your Happy-Go-Lucky Fashion Designer and Design Teacher who’s now the:


I’m the Godmother of Style for all you powerhouse business women because I totally save the day by helping you nail your style and branding, so you can WOW your clients and sell waaaaay more.

Me, I’m a terrible cook but I HAVE been busy in the kitchen boiling down 5 years of design school and 20 years in fashion to create a strikingly simple but ingenious system so online business owners just like you can finally get a gorgeous Capsule Wardrobe that’s 100 % on brand.

And just not that same old boring style you see everybody else wearing:

A razor sharp, branded style created and curated ESPECIALLY for your online business because:

We both know that rocking your photos, videos, speaking gigs and Facebook lives means the difference between making it or breaking it.

The only thing a gorgeous business woman like you will love even more is when I teach you how to look 10 pounds lighter simply by dressing for YOUR unique body type.

You’ll look and feel hotter than a chocolate dripping fondant. It’s impossible not to lick the plate.

  • Working with top models at Fashion Week taught me that even young gorgeous creatures need the energizing confidence boost they get from a stunning dress and a loving hug.
  • Styling fashion photos taught me to create killer brand photos by exaggerating style.
  • My stunt in television taught me that communicating your message is the most important thing when picking an outfit.
  • Designing in London taught me how to impress employers and double my salary by wearing a luxury bag that cost 1/10 of what it looked like.
  • Teaching fashion design taught me how to make STYLE so laughably simple that clients get lightning quick results.
I know what it’s like to be blended by super trooper lights on a fancy stage to accept a national design award, but I also know the desperate feeling of being a sleep deprived chocolate craving mom, who’s still wearing maternity jeans long after the baby is born because she gained 40 pounds and hasn’t slept a full night in 2 years.

I know what it’s like to be the Hollywood star of a branded photo shoot, but I’ve also been stuck in a rut as an over-worked, over-weight, and over-the-hill teacher in a frumpy librarian outfit.

Here’s the photo to prove it:

The last 2 years I have worked exclusively with international women entrepreneurs helping them prep for photo shoots and conferences as well as building a gorgeous capsule wardrobe.

My own stunning online brand is something I’ve built myself, without knowing ANYTHING about online business, but by using everything I’ve learned from 20 years in fashion.

I’ve also been featured on stylish sites such as YFS Magazine, SELF, Growth Lab, The Middle Finger Project and Thrive.

Now, I’ve used all my years of experience to create an ingenious style system that’s simple but highly effective.

Allow me to introduce:

The only style program that’s created ESPECIALLY for online entrepreneurs just like you, so you can:

Be the proud owner of a small but effective capsule wardrobe filled with stunning garments that are 100 % on brand for YOU, so you’re always ready to wow your clients on a Skype call, a Facebook Live, a professional conference, or even a photo shoot.


But what the heck IS a Capsule Wardrobe?

A Capsule Wardrobe is a small collection of garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of outfits.

It’s perfect for traveling, so here’s a quick example from my very own capsule wardrobe traveling to Madrid for a marketing event with Bushra Azhar:

Those 15 items that easily fit into a carry on can be used to create 8 gorgeous outfits.

Check them out here:


Because when you travel for work you want to look fun and fabulous without giving it a second thought:


You’ll have bucket loads of FUN this week with the simple but ingenious brand styling method used by fashion designers all over the world. You’ll create your very own Super Star Style board that shows you exactly which colors and styles to wear to showcase your personality and your brand.

We use gorgeous visuals, so you can discover who you truly are on the inside and finally express that on the outside. Then simply watch your potential clients fall head over heels in love with you.

BINGO: You have your very own Super Star Style Board that leads the way to a Branded Capsule Wardrobe worthy of an Online Star.


Prepare for some major aha-moments when you finally understand why some clothes look great on you while others make you look 10 lbs heavier.

You’ll finally know which of the gorgeous body types you actually belong to. Are you a Bombshell, a Bootylicious Babe, or perhaps a Gazelle?

Then you’ll learn all those body type tricks that make women like Oprah and Beyoncé look gorgeous at ANY shape and any age. This is hugely important when it comes to looking great on camera, on stage, or simply at Starbucks.

BINGO: You will finally fall head over heels in love with your own body and know exactly which clothes will make you look more beautiful than ever before.


Women entrepreneurs are very confused about colors:
They don’t know if they should wear their brand colors, which colors suit their complexion, and which colors work on camera.

This module includes a unique color system that makes it super easy for you to create a wardrobe color palette that works for your brand, your complexion, and on camera.

I will also PERSONALLY do a color analysis for you and create YOUR curated wardrobe color palette.

BINGO: You have a gorgeous but simple color palette that’s 100 % on brand.


This is where everything comes to together, so you have a simple but ingenious plan to get a gorgeous wardrobe.

You can choose between several different wardrobe templates so it’s super easy for you to get creative and build the wardrobe of your dreams.

You’ll know how to use your existing clothes to create gorgeous new outfits, and exactly which pieces are missing in your wardrobe, so you can shop for them.

Best of all: This system and the templates are built around YOUR branded style, so you don’t end up looking like someone else.

BINGO: You have a template for your unique capsule wardrobe that makes planning and shopping super easy.


Most women have overcrowded closets bursting with old T-shirts and jeans they used to fit into. Then they only wear the items at the top of the pile and totally forget the gorgeous gems that are hiding at the bottom.

That’s about to change.

The Closet Cleanse is a super easy way to organize your clothes once and for all, and you can do it at your own pace. You can simply do it all on a rainy Saturday afternoon or simply take your sweet time with the job.

The key is that you now know which clothes are your style, your shape, and your color, so it’s easy to make decisions about what to ditch and what to keep.



Let’s go Back to Fashion School and have a STYLE PARTY in our online classroom.

We meet once a week for 5 weeks, so we can work through the program together.

You will get direct answers to your personal questions and also learn lots from the other students who are creating their own Capsule Wardrobes.

Week 1: We’ll work on your Super Star Style Boards.

Week 2: It’s time for discussing Body Types.

Week 3: Is all about Color.

Week 4: We dig deep into your Capsule Wardrobe.

Week 5: It’s time to do our Closet Cleanse.

And if you have to skip class, you can watch the recording exactly when it suits you.



20 years of shopping in Pris, Hong Kong, and my tiny hometown has taught me some clever ninja shopping moves.

Shopping will finally fun and easy when you learn my simple Guerilla tricks so you can just drop into a store and emerge victoriously 10 minutes later. Then you’re free to spend the rest of the day enjoying what you actually love.  But I have to warn you: Many students fall in LOVE with shopping for the first time in their life.


Accessories are a mystery to many women, but I will show you how to use them to create a striking branded look.

The devil is in the details and you’ll have huge aha-moments when you finally understand which techniques your favorite superstars are using, and best of all: How you can do it yourself.

It’s a powerful technique to stand out from the crowd, and an easy way to update your existing outfits.


This is a systematic break down of what types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings will work for your outfit and your looks.  Shopping for jewelry will be so much easier when you understand the style principles in this video.

It’s loaded with examples, so you can easily understand how YOU can also use jewelry to upgrade your style.


Picking shoes can be difficult, but this is where you’ll finally master it.

You’ll learn about the main shoe shapes and how they work with different skirts and pants. This means you can easily determine if a certain pair of shoes will work for your outfit and body type.

My goal is to help you find shoes that are stylish and chic but also super comfortable.


I’ve collected all the tricks in the book, so you can feel comfortable in your shoes:

Inlays, blister prevention, and shoe care.

This video can be the difference between dancing the night away at your next event or going home early because your feet are killing you.


This is where you find loads and loads of examples of flats, tennis shoes, wedges, heels, boots, and sandals.

You’ll get brand new ideas about what type of shoes you can wear with your wardrobe, and I tell you exactly how to wear the different types.

Because you don’t have to be uncomfortable in killer heels or frumpy in grandma shoes. There are lots of other options out there.


Sarah C. from Edinburgh is an award-winning bra fitting specialist who’s the owner of the gorgeous Odyssey Boutique.

She shows us how we can find the perfect bra, and as my client Maria said:

“Getting the right bra changed my life.”


Life is meant for PLEASURE and is way too short for boring lingerie.

So, I’ve created an overview of all kinds of gorgeous bra styles to inspire you to get an upgrade.

Because there’s nothing like boosting your Boobie Confidence with a stunning new bra.

Your own powerful secret.



Women are raving about my video backgrounds and now you can look amazing on Facebook and YourTube too.

You’ll finally get a video set that’s 100 % on brand and matches your new style PLUS you’ll avoid newbie mistakes that make you look like an amateur online.

I have collected ALL my tips and tricks from art, fashion and interior design to give you a short but powerful class.

You’re invited into my exclusive Facebook group for clients only, where every day is a giggle party of fun-loving girlfriends helping each other with style.

This is where you post your outfit photos:

“Does my bum look big in this?”

  • Yes, darling. Your bum looks big and beautiful, just the way we like it. Have another piece of cake.”

OK, I’m kidding a little. It’s more like:

“Get that red dress. You look fantastic because of X.

I wouldn’t get the pants because of Y, but it would work perfectly if you team it with Z.”

Super useful and supportive comments from the warmest hearts on the internet.

Community Strategist Diana Tower about my group:

“I was a beta student in her first online program, and while the course was absolutely top notch and totally changed the way I think about style and the way I dress…the magic happened in the community.

It was a small group of 12, and it was the perfect safe place for us to test what we were learning.  

We each created a thread to share our outfit photos and within minutes of posting you would get feedback from either Hilde or another member who had taken the course too.  It was amazing.

I remember having a digital fashion show in the changing room of a shop when I was buying outfits for Forefront; Ramit Sethi’s live event.  

I was trying on dress after dress and Hilde and 3 other members were commenting live.  

It felt like I was shopping with friends and that made the process not only more productive but FUN!”


Here’s what another student said about the community:

Working through the course with the small group helped me form “fashion bonds” with several of the women.

Amanda Smith

You’ll have free access to the group for 3 months after signing up for the course and I’ll personally be in the group to answer your questions about style and dressing for your body type.

So, hit me with those changing room photos.

I can’t wait to see your outfit.

Ready to go pro and get a Capsule Wardrobe worthy of an advanced online star?

The key to growing your business is to become more visible.

That’ll be 10 times easier when you finally feel confident with a killer style that makes you look like the expert you truly are.

Is it worth the investment?

  • YES. We both know that getting help from an expert is way faster than wasting time trying to fix things yourself. Your time is better spent using your expertise to grow your business and at some point, you have to upgrade your professional style to play in the major league.
  • YES. Looking and feeling like the stunning woman you truly are is worth every penny. There’s no better feeling than basking in compliments from your clients and mastermind buddies (not to mention your husband.) Waking up to a closet filled with gorgeous clothes is simply the BEST way to start your day as a successful online star.
  • YES. You’ll save cash in the long run when you stop buying clothes you never wear, not to mention saving stress and embarrassment when you don’t feel good about the way you look.

And I didn’t even MENTION the cash you’ll make when your branded style sweeps everyone off their feet and people are dying to work with you.

So, sign up to work with me so you can WOW your clients and sell infinitely more.

The BRANDED CAPSULE WARDROBE program for only $997

or 3 easy monthly payments of $397

Listen to Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project:

“If you’ve ever wanted to feel like both (a) a celebrity and (b) the coolest human alive, I cannot recommend hiring Hilde enough!!! (Cue: ALL THE KAZOOS.)

As someone who looooooves fashion, and who thinks she has pretty decent personal style (with the exception of that furry jacket from 2006) I never thought about hiring a personal stylist UNTIL all the sudden I realized that I might have an eye for style, but no CLUE how to dress for my body type. (Especially considering that my body type is playing a not-so-funny game of musical chairs.)

Pair that with an upcoming photo shoot for my brand, and I was all sorts of anxious about looking my best in front of the camera—which they say also adds another 15 fun-loving pounds.

That’s where Hilde came in. She worked with me virtually, which was a huge, huge help, given that I was in Costa Rica at the time, to help me plan and arrange the perfect, body-slimming wardrobe that was sharp, dynamite AND on-brand.

The minute she came on board I felt this hugeeee relief lifted off of my shoulders—it was so nice not to have to worry about this, for once, and just show up!

Whether you’re doing something professionally or just personally, this is a huge game changer, and I’m convinced every woman should have someone on their wardrobe team at least once in their life.

This is one treat that isn’t so much a treat, but a necessity. I’d hire Hilde every day of my life, if I could. It’s just a bonus that she’s so awesome and sweet on top of it all! “

“I hated shopping.”

Géraldine needed lots and lots of clothes for her hugely popular YouTube channel – but she never found anything:

“Before I started working with Hilde I was nowhere in terms of fashion. I don’t think I had any taste. I liked to be dressed well but I hated shopping. It was a nightmare really. I’ve been to shops for hours without finding anything.

I was even crying. It was very difficult because I have to dress well for my job.”

“The most important thing I learned on the program is that you’re not doomed in terms of fashion. If you don’t have an instinct for fashion then it’s not going to stay that way forever. You just have to learn it, just like any other skill.

For my business, I do videos on YouTube and the Capsule Wardrobe helps because it saves money. I can put together outfits which are different using the same clothes and I don’t have to look the same all the time.

For the first time, I actually enjoy shopping. For the first time in my life in 30 + years.

I feel much more relaxed. I feel better about myself, I have more confidence.”


Listen to Géraldine raving about the program:

Video is hosted by Wistia.

Fitness sensation Gen Malone:


“I was buying fashion magazines and then throwing them across the room when I felt like they weren’t relevant to me, or didn’t have the styles I was looking for.


I didn’t quite know what to expect but Hilde knocked it out of the park.

She asked me questions about my personal style, my preferences, the occasion, and other details that showed that not only did she know her fashion, but she truly cared about how I would feel at the event.

I had bought some dresses previously and sent her snapshots so she could see what I’d chosen for myself.

She worked with me to develop a “wardrobe palette” of things I might want to consider based on our conversation, and I ended up completely changing my choices since her suggestions were so wonderful.

Overall, working with Hilde is a great experience, I highly recommend her, and I’m going to use her services again in the future!”

I’m a Mom.

What Happened to my Body?

The life changing experience of becoming a mom often makes our bodies look completely different:

“I don’t recognize myself anymore.”

Dressing in up is not top of your list when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep, but as your kid grows and you finally have a tiny bit of time for yourself it can be a huge boost.

Amanda Smith is a smart, stunning entrepreneur and mom with a voluptuous earth mother body shape. Before she got pregnant she had a different body type that she knew how to dress, but now she was confused.

Learning how to dress for her new beautiful post pregnancy body made her embrace and love it like never before.

Listen Amanda raving about working with me:

Video is hosted by Wistia.


But, how do you know if it works for YOU?

Maybe you’ve got these thoughts running through your mind:


“I don’t want to get new clothes until I’ve lost weight.”

Just so you know it:

I’m on a mission to make every woman fall head over heels in love with her own body – at any size and any age.

Many of my clients are on a weight loss journey, but they refuse to put their life, business, and style on hold until they’ve reached a certain size. They want to look great right away and that’s 100 % possible too. You can be gorgeous at any weight.

Then if they DO lose weight they already know how to dress for their new figure using the program.  The Capsule Wardrobe system is also excellent for weight watchers since it shows you how to get lots of outfits from a small selection of clothes so you don’t spend a fortune on clothes that soon will be too big for you.

“My brand’s not ready yet.”


You’ll probably recognize yourself in one of these 3 different situations:

  1. I don’t yet have a great online brand and want to build one or rebrand the one I already have.

If this is you, then you’ll love the Nail your Style module, because creating your Super Star Style can be the same as creating your brand. The entire program is an epic journey where you discover who you are personally and professionally through colors and clothes and for many clients this is life-changing.

  1. I already have a great brand and just want to revamp my wardrobe.

This is a dream scenario where we take a highly practical approach to finding out exactly which clothes will represent you and your brand in the best way possible. You learn how to systematically build a capsule wardrobe, so you always have a stunning outfit for your any professional occasion.

  1. I don’t have my own business, but I want to look great for my career.

Even if you currently work for a corporation you need to take charge of your own career and build a powerful personal brand. The program is perfect for nailing down that perfect style that encompasses the company you work for, your professional role, AND your unique personality. My clients include government officials and corporate lawyers who have great success striking that perfect balance with their Branded Capsule Wardrobe.

“I’m just not a person who can be stylish.”

Learning to be stylish is like learning how to drive:

At first, it’s a completely new activity, but then it becomes so automated you take it for granted. It’s as easy as breathing.

You can also learn to be stylish if someone teaches you the right principles. I have created my systematic approach through 5 years of design school, 20 years as a fashion designer, and 4 years as a design teacher. The program is designed to teach you advanced methods in a super easy way, so you finally can be stylish because you understand how style works.


“I hate pink.”


Did you know that not a single one of my clients has the same pink & girly style as me?

The basis of the whole program is you find YOUR style and express that with clothes that are perfect for your individual personality, brand, beauty, and body. I will never give you cookie cutter style that you need to fit into. The program is based on systematic principles to help ANYONE discover their unique style and turn that into their OWN version of a Branded Capsule Wardrobe.

Check out these rock star clients. Not a pink dress in sight:


“I hate shopping.”

All my clients hate shopping before they start the program. They tell stories of tears in the changing room, broken hearts, and empty wallets.

Then they’re shocked to experience how much FUN shopping can be when you know how to do it nice and easy. Because shopping is a skill that anyone can learn and this program is where you can finally master it.


“I have no time.”

Every single minute spent watching the videos in the program will be well worth it. When you know exactly which clothes to ditch, buy, and wear, you’ll save hours and hours of frustration:

– getting dressed in the morning.

– finding clothes for a client Skype call or interview.

– prepping for a video or Facebook Live.

– packing for a trip.

The program will give you incredible life changing style insights so SAVE time every single day for the rest of your life.

“I don’t have the money.”

Do you dare to add up the cost of all the clothes in your closet that you never wear?

Not to mention the missing income from clients and business opportunities that slip through your fingers because you’re not at that entrepreneurial level where you have a powerful branded style.

When you create a Branded Capsule Wardrobe you save money in the long run since you no longer buy stuff you don’t wear, and you no longer need that many pieces since your clothes can be mixed and matched endlessly.

No worries, if you think I’ll tell you to buy designer clothes.

I’ll never tell you to buy a 400 dollar top or to build a wardrobe so big you have to sell your kid(ney)s to afford it.

I’ll help you find stunning outfits at whatever price range is perfect for you because style is not about the price of your clothes.

You’ll feel gorgeous and confident by dressing for your body type so you don’t have to borrow cheap confidence from a designer label.

I’m also offering a 3-month payment plan, as well as a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

The guarantee is enforced by the course platform Teachable, so you can feel safe that your interests will be taken care of.

You will also get free access to all future additions of this program at no extra cost to you.

My very first beta clients back in 2016 signed up for a small program at $298 and now they’re enjoying lots of new videos,

templates, and other goodies absolutely free.

Ready to finally get that Branded Capsule Wardrobe sorted and save TIME?

As fellow business women, we both know that the one thing we need is more TIME.

This is how the program will help you get more of it:

  • You’ll save precious minutes getting dressed for Skype calls, videos, and events since you have a wardrobe filled with gorgeous clothes that fit your brand.
  • You’ll save hours and hours shopping for a photo-shoot or speaking gig because you know exactly what to look for and don’t need to scour every store at the mall.
  • You’ll save YEARS of building your business because looking like an online star will open doors to exciting business opportunities for you.

So, get ready for the style journey of a lifetime and sign up for THE BRANDED CAPSULE WARDROBE.

Let’s get started.

I’m dying to work with your personally and witness your magical transformation.

The BRANDED CAPSULE WARDROBE program for only $997

or 3 easy monthly payments of $397