Freezing in your Fluffy Sweater?

Freezing in your Fluffy Sweater?

Shops are full of fabulous fluffy cardigans and sweaters that promise to turn you into an adorable, snug, and warm little angora bunny. So, you swipe your credit card in utter triumph and think:

“THIS YEAR I’m finally gonna be stylish AND warm.”

But, then you’re STILL freezing like a bikini model at a December photoshoot even if you’re wearing a gazillion layers PLUS your new hairy sweater.

The ice-cold truth is that you’ve probably been tricked into buying a woolly looking fashion item in acrylic and polyester – which might LOOK hot in every sense of the word, but has the warming qualities of a black trash bag.

But alas they have another way to trick you too:

Huge posters advertising: Wool Mix.  

This is the ultimate stab in the back because if you end up with a sweater that’s only 20% wool and the rest is a dubious mix of nylon, acrylic, and polyester then you’re in for your very own ice bucket challenge every time you walk out the door.

As a former ski wear designer from the North Pole, I advise you to pick clothes that contain at least 50% wool.

Synthetic fibres CAN be warm and cozy when they have been specially created for it as in insulation thermo leggings for skiing or polar fleece constructed for sportswear. But your regular fashion sweater will NOT do the job, so go for wool if you wanna stay warm.

(Lots of photos and links at the end of the article.)

When your fantastic baggy sweater doesn’t fit under your coat.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a batwing sleeve sweater and then you can’t find a single coat to wear over it. If it’s woolly and voluminous too then it will be even worse.

My solution is to go for slim-fitting wool dresses, sweaters, and cardigans that I can layer on top of each other and STILL fit underneath a winter coat, or even underneath some blazers and leather jackets.

Here are some ways you can style your slim fitting wool pieces:

Get a sleek wool cardigan and wear it over your a summer dress with wool leggings.

This is a terrific way to instantly grow your winter wardrobe.

I’ve got lots of different colors myself that I bought at good ole Benetton. 

If you get a wool dress, then you’ll be stylish and well dressed without having to combine several garments into an outfit. It’s the easiest solution there is.

If it’s extremely cold you can even wear a sweater on top of the dress.

I’ve even been known to layer 2 pairs of wool leggings.

If you get a slim sweater you can wear it under your blazer or leather jacket

– or use it as a base layer underneath a bigger sweater and your favorite Michelin man down jacket.

When you love wool, but your sweaters always shrink.

If your favorite sweaters have emerged from the washing machine in Barbie doll size then look no further. This problem is super easy to fix:

Wool is almost like human hair and should never be washed with regular detergent. That’s way too acidic for wool and is almost like shampooing your hair with washing up liquid.

So, you absolutely MUST get a wool detergent for your sweaters.

The good news is that your regular delicate clothes can be thrown in the same wash (unless they’re very dirty) because regular detergent harms wool but wool detergent doesn’t harm regular clothes.

Wool can also be damaged by hot water and the mechanical movement of the washing machine so use a program for delicates, low temperature, a slow spin cycle, and NEVER-EVER put it in the drier. (Hello Barbie clothes.)

Your sweater will also dry in the shape that you give it, so laying it flat and stretching the sleeves will ensure that it ends up in the right shape.

But now it’s time to check out some wooly goodies for you:

Benetton V Neck Cardigan


Other colors:

Red, Dark Blue, Black, Dark Gray, Dove Gray

Price: $94

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:

Benetton Sweater


Other colors:

Red, Dark Blue, Salmon, Orange, Mustard, Black,

Dark Green, Pink, Light Blue, Green, Brown, Burgundy, Camel, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Dove Gray

Price: $94

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:

Banana Republic Sweater


Other colors:

Gray, Neon Yellow Green, Brown, Hot Red, Burgundy, Olive, White

Price: $79.50

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:


Other colors:

Off White, Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Dark Pink, Orange, Brown, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Navy, Purple

Price: $39.90

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:


Other colors:

Pink, Cream, Green, Charcoal, Black, Latte, Gray, Navy, Chilli, Cyclamen, Aqua Marine, Lavender, Coral,

Pepper, Soft Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Blush, Deep Sky Blue, Frosted Green, Soft Lavender

Price: $65.00

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:


Other colors:

Black, Gray, Cream, Navy, Dark Charcoal, Pale Rose, Soft Fern, Celadon, Pumpkin Spice,

Boysenberry, Apricot, Lavender, Liche Green, Dark Teal, Denim, Fuschia Pink

Price: $79.00

US Shop Link:

UK Shop Link:


Other colors:

Olive, Rose, Lavender, Aqua, Blue, Black, Navy, Soft Gray, Ivory, Brown, Soft Blue, Cherry Red, Camel, Taupe, Dark Spruce

Price: $99.50

US Shop Link:

(Not available in the UK Site)


Other colors:


Price: $110

(No UK site but can be shipped internationally)


Other colors:


Price: $78

(No UK site but can be shipped internationally)

Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them

Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them

Monday 06:34


One second I’m sashaying to the car like a supermodel on the catwalk and the next I’m whimpering on the ground.
Ice already!

It was just summer.


Tuesday 07:55


The beautiful angelic but oh so cold snow has made its way inside my cute ankle boots. At least I’ll look amazing on stage for my speech even if my socks are wet and cold.

I hope I don’t get the flu.


Wednesday 08:23


I’m NOT wading through this disgusting mess and ruining my new tall boots.

They are perfect for snow and ice, but not made for a foot of slush.

Darling husband comes to the rescue.

Lifts me up as if I’m light as Kate Moss and stomps down the driveway like a handsome NYPD firefighter who’s just rescued a gorgeous and mysterious lady.

This is SO romantic.

We make it all the way to the car and then SPLASH we’re neck-deep in slush.

The watery ice slides down my back and I desperately try to keep it out of my hair.

Who leaves a skateboard in the driveway so it’s hidden underneath the snow?

I’m calling in sick!


Thursday 9:55

A warm bed, cozy coffee, Wifi.

“Yes, I would love to speak at your event, but I’m not getting out of bed until April.”


Friday 10:32

No need for NYPD because the Fashion Rescue Team is here!

The Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them has been released and I can be warm, dry, comfy, and chic all winter long.

It’s a miracle but it’s actually true.

Read on and find out how to survive slush, ice, and snow while looking stylish and beautiful.

Walking the streets in winter can make you think there’s a penalty for wearing something other than black.

Don’t forget there are other options, also when it comes to winter boots. You might have to look around a bit more though. I ordered my beige boots online in 2 different sizes and returned the pair that didn’t fit. Easy!

These boots are all light-colored, but not so delicate that they’ll get dirty that easily. Give them a light spraying with a water repellent since this will keep them nice and clean longer.

I love wedges since they give me a sexy height while still being super comfortable.

Check out these cool winter versions. I think I NEED a pair of Lea’s from Sorel.

Light neutral colors look amazing against the beautiful white snow. The light bounces of the light colors and brights up your day when it’s cold and dark outside.

This is a great look for anyone who loves a minimalist style:

A head-to-toe outfit in more or less the same color looks modern, stylish and intentional. If you keep your colors neutral it’s easy to experiment with textures and fabric.

Check out the rock’ n roll feather coat looking classy in dusty pink.

High heels and fancy styles can also work on snow. Sturdy rubber soles worthy of a lumberjack keeps you from sliding on ice, and the heels can be awesome for digging into the ice for a great grip.

Some of these boots are warm and comfy with a fake fur lining, and some are better suited for temperatures above freezing.

They look great with skinnies, wide pants, boot cuts, and skirts. Very versatile style.

Sturdy, heeled boots can be dressed up or down.

This is a typical smart casual outfit with basic pieces in striking colors. Notice how the accessories make simple garments look classy but also interesting.

Wintery accessories worthy of a Russian princess such as the fake fur hat and the chic gloves create a sophisticated look. (So much better than your husband’s old hat and your kid’s scarf.)

Sticking to 3 colors in an outfit is a simple principle that always works. Notice how the cream color makes the outfit more luxurious than if it was only black and pink.

Winter boots can often look too bulky and don’t always work with a professional-looking outfit, so I have found some minimalist and sleek styles.

The tall boots look amazing with skinnies and skirts, while you can also wear wide pants with ankle boots. Play around with wool socks and insulation inlays if your boots aren’t warm enough.

This outfit is super warm and comfy without sacrificing color and style.

Black boots, bag, and down jacket might be something you already have in your wardrobe but you can spruce them up and make them stylish and exciting.

Personally I’m always on the lookout for sweaters, skirts, dresses, and tights in wool. Unfortunately, there are a lot of acrylic blends out there. I prefer at least 60 % wool or you won’t stay warm.

Adding accessories in happy colors is an easy way to take your outfit to another level and brighten up everyone’s day.

If your city is cold but without a lot of snow and ice then you can go for a thinner heel.

60’s and 70’s styles are also lovely. Perfect for all kinds of skirts and pants.

If you have trouble fitting into tall boots you can check out They have an option where you can search for boots by calf circumference. Very handy!

Curvy women look SO incredibly beautiful in a 50’s look.

This is a terrific style because it’s super feminine but also polished and professional.

The fact that it’s classic makes it well worth buying high-quality clothes since unlike trendy items you can keep them for years.

Vintage shopping is also a great option.

Biker boots are cool and comfy and are perfect for the androgynous trend we have going on at the moment.

They are a great way for any jean lovers to upgrade their look, and the sturdy flat heels make it a joy to be moving around.

The buckles can be a bit of a handful when you’re in a rush to get out of the house, so look for boots that can be opened with a zipper. Lots of buckled styles have this option.

Jeans and boots can often look a bit unintentional but keeping to a narrow color scheme and making sure accessories look neat and intentional makes a huge difference.

This look is also very stylish with practical and comfy down jackets, moto jackets, parkas, and shearling.

Desert boots and Doc Martens are another breeds of practical boyfriend boots.

They come in loads of colors and textures so it’s definitely an opportunity to get creative.

Skinny jeans are the obvious choice for these boots but they also look wonderful with skirts and dresses.

I have to admit I love these mittens. They are super cute and much more interesting than gloves. Mittens also keep you warmer since the fingers keep each other snug and cozy.

Check out the bomber jacket with the long rib dress. Great silhouette.

Did you know you can get winter sneakers?

Combine the cushy comfort of your favorite Nike’s with some extra padding and you have a light wonderful boot. My favorites come in black and white, which is easy to style in a sophisticated sports look.

Winter sportswear can actually be feminine.

I love slim-fitting down jackets with skinnies and a lovely sweater that hugs your curves.

Taking the time to find cute and well thought out accessories is absolutely worth it. Here’s another example of using 3 colors in an outfit. It really works!

How can you look and feel like a fun, sexy superstar in the snow?

Moon Boots of course!

The truth is I have never owned a pair, but I might just jog down to the mall and get some.

The soundtrack for my jog: Funkytown.

Nothing says Bond Babe like a metallic down jacket.

If you want to get sporty? Why not go all the way!

You may have noticed I’m madly in love with winter white. It looks so fresh and sophisticated, and personally I don’t want to spend the winter months wearing depressing dark colors.

White is also a great base color that goes with everything.

Imagine riding a dog sleigh through a moonlit winter wonderland while you’re snug and warm in the cutest winter boots possible.

I love these sporty and hyper-functional styles in light wintery colors that match the pretty snow. If you want to stay warm, dry, and comfy then these are the very best types to go for.

They are waterproof and some of them even have a rubber edge on the foot area. They are properly insulated for extreme cold, and the soles are safe on ice and snow.

The key to looking stylish in functional sportswear is to push your look to the limit.

Pretend you’re skiing to the North Pole and pick up accessories on the way.

Here’s a mix of different knitting patterns that originate from different parts of the world. The thing that makes them work so well together is the fact that they’re in the same color palette.

I’m so curious to hear what you think!

What is your favorite winter style?

What are you wearing to feel fabulous this winter?


Look Stunning in Photos like Selena Soo

Look Stunning in Photos like Selena Soo

Meet Selena Soo:

The über-successful Queen of Publicity who wows us with her rockstar photos from glamorous locations like New York and Santorini.

She’s been endorsed by big stars like Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte, but more importantly:

She’s the genius behind regular gals like YOU and ME getting featured on gold dripping sites like Forbes, Business Insider, and Cosmopolitan.

So, don’t for a second think that this has nothing to do with you.

Selena might LOOK like a child prodigy who was dancing next to Britney Spears at 10 years old, but you’ll never guess what her background actually is:

She’s a self-confessed introvert who’s had to overcome extreme shyness and has pushed herself WAY out of her comfort zone to get on camera. Her huge success is partly owed to her being a master at leveraging every photo opportunity there is because she knows the persuasive power of an outstanding picture – even as an introvert.


You and me, we both know that YOU also need piping hot photos for when its YOUR time to be splashed all over Forbes so allow me to introduce:


Selena’s 3 Stylish Secrets for Rocking your Photos.

Selena’s Style Secret no 1:

Wear the perfect color.

Selena often wears clear bright colors that show off her unique beauty defined by the striking contrast between her pristine, bright skin and her flowy, raven hair.

She’s a winter type in the seasonal color system and looks fantastic in energizing yellow, popping red, and rich emerald green.

These colors don’t only look wonderful on her but are eye-popping brights that make you stop scrolling and start clicking as soon as her photo pops up in your news feed.

How you can pull off the same:

Wear colors that are both 100% on-brand by making sure they communicate the perfect look for your business.

The colors must make your eyes, hair, and skin look stunning so get a color analysis if you can. The ideal colors communicate your brand message band and make you look like a style icon too.


Selena’s Style Secret no 2:

Push your style to the max.

The biggest lesson I learned back when I was a Fashion Week and TV stylist is that you have to exaggerate in photos or you’ll simply look too bland.

Your delicate minimalist bracelet will hardly be visible in a photo, which is why models in Vogue wear 10 huge bangles at the same time. You have to overdo style or risk being overlooked.

We both know Selena doesn’t stand around like a Greek goddess on a white sugar cube terrasse in Santorini every day, but this wind- and mind-blowing red dress is proof of her glamorous globetrotting lifestyle and proof that her publicity program is a trampoline to success.

This stunning photo is doing the job of selling us our dreams.

How you can do it too:

Don’t be afraid to be “too much” in photos because the risk of being too boring is much, much bigger.

People will love you when you dare to break boundaries and act like a superstar. They need you to be the leader that inspires them to follow their dreams.

Selena’s Style Secret no 3:

Go behind the scenes.

This super cute photo shows the exact opposite of the glamour shot above. We all love to know what our favorite business icons really are like in private. It just makes you feel like you actually know them.

I just adore this shot of a laid back holiday girl who fell in love with a kitty-cat she found in a quirky Greek backstreet.

Selena is amazing at combining glam shots with adorable no-make-up-artist-in-sight snapshots so we all fall head over heels in love with her warm personality – exactly like this purring kitten.

Her videos are also an amazing mix of ultra-professional shots and easy-going lives that show the different sides to her personality.

How you can do the same:

Don’t be afraid to show multiple sides to your personality.

Your clients need to see you both as a glamorous business babe who represents the dream life they’ll achieve by working with you but also as a down to earth person who understands what it’s like to be a regular working woman who spends more time writing emails than at the spa.

Now, we want YOU to look stunning and successful in photos just like Selena, and I have a surprise for you:

The FREE guide on:


Including the 10 style mistakes you absolutely must avoid:

– The number one problem with entrepreneurial photos.

– The color issues that everyone faces.

– The clothes you have to ditch on video

Just sign up below and I’ll shoot the quick guide right over to you.

Don’t be a Copy Cat. How to create your own STYLE worthy of an Online Star.

Don’t be a Copy Cat. How to create your own STYLE worthy of an Online Star.

  • I just LOVE bright pink, black, and white.
  • Then I want a luxury hotel backdrop and those pretty dresses that everyone’s wearing
  • And I’m going blonde!

Oh no. I’m working with yet another woman entrepreneur who’s fallen head over heels in love with someone else’s style. She’s been swooning over her favorite online star Emily Willams of I Heart my Life on YouTube and just can’t help herself from trying to copy her idol.

She’s not doing it on purpose. Not at all.

Just like you and me, she’s just a regular hard-working entrepreneur who’s not used to creating a 100% unique stand-alone brand style and has no idea which techniques to use. She’s an expert in her own field and naturally doesn’t have fashion and design training. So how on earth is she supposed to know how to create her own look?

So many women unwillingly copy big names with a unique style such as Emily Williams, Kimra Luna, and Marie Forleo. Then they end up looking like bleak copies and wonder why their brand never takes off.

I’m begging you: Do NOT copy someone else’s style!

It’ll just come back and bite you in your Copy Cat behind.


“But Hilde, I have NO idea how to create my own style.


No worries my dear. Your professional expertise lies elsewhere

But the fashion design teacher in me has a very neat trick that she’s successfully taught her design students and now she’s ready to share it with you.


Let me introduce, Hilde’s Style Baby Technique

– the Celebrity Version:

Have you noticed how those celebrity babies look even cuter than the Mama and the Papa? When it comes to making babies then 1+1 does NOT equal 2. It equals something way, way better.

It’s exactly the same with style.

Outstanding style is often a mix of 2 different looks that are mixed together to give birth to an entirely new Style Baby that’s never seen the light of day before. It’s a simple but ingenious way to create a unique look – in no time at all.

All you have to do is find yourself a Style Mama and a Style Papa who are very different from each other, send them on a date, and BOOM you have an exciting new Style Baby.

And you CAN use celebrities as your Style Mama and Style Papa – but pick someone from a different industry or you’ll end up a Copy Cat.


Let’s make a Style Baby right this minute!


Imagine you’re an online coach who wants to showcase both your professional background AND your soulful spiritual side.

Then your Style Papa could be a sleek and elegant James Bond in one of those Italian silk suits. That would clearly communicate your educational pedigree and gold framed diplomas.

Our darling coach could invest in some Bond Babe pieces like these:

I bet James would love these exquisite items from Armani but honestly, it’s NOT a unique style. We’ve seen it before and you can find similar stuff at Banana Republic.

We need to send him on a date with an exotic, deep, and spiritual woman to spice things up a bit.

I know exactly who: Let’s invent a sophisticated MOVIE CHARACTER who’s a Japanese geisha turned world traveler. You usually find her sipping mint tea by the infinity pool in Bali.

I bet she would LOVE these clothes. I know I do:

OMG. I just adore that Asian jetsetter look but it doesn’t look that professional. It gives me the holiday feels.

We need to get James over here to add a British accent to that wardrobe.

Let’s see the new and exciting result when we get our Style Papa and our Style Mama together:

Oh wow. Now she looks like a dangerous Bond Babe.

Check out those boots!

Let’s make another Style Baby:

YES! Imagine greeting your guests at your Mastermind Retreat in this luxurious outfit!

Now we finally have a style that’s different from everyone else. This will certainly stand out in her client’s Facebook feed and get our coach noticed. No more looking like all the other coaches out there.


But what do you do if you’re already an online star, like Emily Williams?

If you happen to BE one of those gorgeous ladies who gets copied then I have a cure for you too.

You can also use Hilde’s Style Baby Technique but your Style Mama will be your existing brand style since it’s already a huge success.

Just like Coca Cola only tweaks their successful brand ever so slightly to stay updated, you can let your brand evolve with small baby steps so you always stay one step ahead of the pack (and the Copy Cats.)

The perfect Style Papa for successful style icons is Parisian designer Karl Lagerfeld as a representative of new fashion trends.

Because if you already have a killer brand then you want to stick to that without repeating the same look all the time. The easiest refresher for you is to check out which if the new trends will be a natural continuation of your brand.

I was so inspired by Emily’s incredible brand that I took the liberty of sending her a Style Prezzie with loads of new outfits for her. The dresses I picked were on 100% brand for her BUT Style Papa Lagerfeld was also in the picture with his new fashion trends

Watch this video where I explain how you can do the same:


Here’s how YOU can make a Style Baby too:


I’ve made it super simple for you by creating 10 outfit templates.

Best of all: you can use what you already have in your wardrobe such as:

  • Your basic black tops and bottoms
  • Your trusted old jeans

I’ll also show you how to pick the ULTIMATE entrepreneurial dress so you don’t look exactly like your competitor.

Just sign up below and I’ll shoot it right over.

Stuck between yoga pants and a corporate suit?

Stuck between yoga pants and a corporate suit?

“Oh, so you’re actually creative. Your business suit made me think you were all about spreadsheets and boring office meetings.”

OMG. Jenny’s outfit was just SO wrong.

She’d just left corporate and had been looking forward to this luxurious London event with other women entrepreneurs, but she felt like an idiot. The other women looked like they just stepped out of Sex and the City,  while she could be mistaken for a librarian.

How did they find those über-cool clothes?

She had no idea how to pull together a sexy but professional outfit like that.

What Jenny needs is to make a Style Baby – I’ll show you how but let’s first hear about Sally’s goof up.

“Oh, so you actually have a master’s degree. Your jeans made me think you were all about skipping college to go surfing.”

Oh, no. Sally’s outfit was also wrong.

She’d been an online coach for more than 2 years but never seemed to be able to get her big breakthrough. Working from home had left her with a depressing wardrobe of jeans and yoga pants and she had no idea how to dress up for an event.

How did these other women manage to look both polished AND laid back cool?

She had no idea how to create an outfit like that.

What Sally needs is to make a Style Baby – Let me introduce:

Hilde’s Style Baby Technique

Women entrepreneurs have 2 big problems when it comes to style:

  1. They either look too corporate and clients doubt their creativity and fun factor OR
  2. They look too slack and clients doubt their education and professionalism.

The answer is simply to make a Style Baby. This is a simple but ingenious technique I’ve created after experiencing this dilemma both as the go-to stylist for women entrepreneurs, a Fashion Week stylist, a design teacher, and an international fashion designer.

The way to create a unique and cool style is to mix 2 distinctly different things about yourself.

This way you show several sides to your personality and your outfit will be so intriguing that everyone will be dying to talk to you.

Here’s how to do it.

Love is in the air…

We all know how babies are made so now we have to play Cupid and send someone on a blind date.

Let me introduce the woman:


Meet your Creative Mama:


Your Creative Mama might be one of those women who love to wear rhinestones, leather jackets, artsy T-shirts, ethnic jewelry, and cool boots. 

Here’s one of her over the top outfits:

Help! Please, Mama. You can’t wear ALL of these crazy pieces at once!

Now I’d like to introduce you to the guy:

Meet your Professional Papa:

Your Professional Papa is a CEO and bought you this sleek business suit.

Very classy Papa but it’s a bit sinister don’t you think?

I told you I don’t want to be a lawyer!

Luckily we don’t have to wait 9 months to cook up a Style Baby outfit for you.

All you have to do is as follows:

Take one garment from your Creative Mama.

Take one garment from your Professional Papa.

Take one garment from your Creative Mama.

Take one garment from your Professional Papa.

…etc, etc – until you have a cool outfit that’s a great mix of creativity and professionalism just like these 2:


Meet your Style Baby -oops their TWINS:

These two outfits strike that perfect balance between looking too wacky or looking too dreary.

Instead, you look like an ultra-professional entrepreneur with a strong creative side – exactly the way you are.

You might have to tweak a little bit if you notice that you end up looking a bit too corporate or a bit too relaxed.

Just mix and match from your Mama and Papa’s clothes and you’ll end up with a super stylish look that’s the perfect mix between creativity and professionalism.


Now YOU can make a Style Baby:


“Oh wow, Hilde. Love your Style Baby Technique but I have no idea how to get started.”

No worries my dear. I’ve got you!

I’ve created no less than TEN outfit templates that make it super easy for you to create your own stylish outfits.

Best of all: you can use those old boring clothes you already have in your closet:

  • your basic black tops and pants
  • your trusted old jeans

I also show you how to inject some exciting style into your professional outfits so you no longer look exactly like your competitor.

Just sign up below and I’ll shoot it right over.

In compliance with privacy regulations in the EU, you need you to provide consent:

By clicking, you consent to receive promotional emails about products and services and allow your data to be used to personalize ads.

Check your inbox or spam folder for a love letter from Hilde at Get Style Confidence.