Do you need to FINALLY get visible and create that striking online presence worthy of a super-star.

The type of branded style that magnetically attracts people so you get hundreds of shares, thousands of  followers, countless TV-interviews, and catapult your sales?



3 simple ways to nail an Artistic, Edgy, or Bohemian Style

without looking totally Wacky.

You’ll be confident, stylish and professional,

but also in alignment with who you really are


-even if you have no clue how to bring out your

personality through what you’re wearing.

Hi, I’m Hilde,

Your Creative Cheerleader

I’m a fashion designer and design teacher

turned online stylist,

and I work with entrepreneurs just like

you to nail their style and branding

so they can WOW their clients and sell more.


20 years in fashion has taught me the importance of

showing your creative side to prove your innovative power and warm personality

and the importance of showing your professional side

to command premium prices.

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It includes:

The exact clothes & colors you need to inject flair and artistry to your existing wardrobe with just a quick trip to the mall.

The exact trends that will make you look

creative, artistic, and playful so you feel that you’re showing the real you.

  • The exact things to do to keep your polished and professional image in tact – the easy way.



Be ready for that call from Oprah!


And don’t worry. I’ll help you find something eye popping to wear for your TV debut 🙂


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