Helloooo. I’m Hilde.

The former Fashion Designer, Fashion Week Stylist, and Design Teacher who’s now the:

Godmother of Style for 

Women in Business

I’m here to save the day for all you powerful Working Wonder Women by digging into who YOU truly are to create a gorgeous branded style that is PERFECT for your intriguing personality and ultra-professionalism.

Me, I’m a terrible cook but I HAVE been busy in my magenta kitchen boiling down 5 years of design school and 20 years in fashion design to create a strikingly simple but ingenious system so business women just like YOU can Nail your Style in just one day. 

And not just that same old boring style you see everyone else wearing:

No, you’ll get your own Razor Sharp Branded Style created and curated ESPECIALLY for a woman at the forefront of doing business ONLINE.

We both know that rocking Video Conference Calls, Photos, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram means the difference between making it or breaking it in the modern world. 

So, let me show how you can OWN the digital arena in your own STUNNING STYLE.

The only thing a gorgeous business babe like you will love even more is when I teach you how to look 10 pounds lighter simply by dressing for YOUR unique body type.

You’ll look and feel hotter than EVER before.

It’s impossible not to dance with joy.


  • Working with top models at Fashion Week taught me that even young gorgeous creatures need the energizing confidence boost they get from a stunning dress and a loving hug.


  • Styling fashion photos taught me to create killer brand photos by exaggerating style.


  • My stint on television taught me that communicating your message is the most important thing when picking an outfit.


  • Designing in London taught me how to impress employers and double my salary by wearing a luxury bag that cost 1/10 of what it looked like.


  • Teaching fashion design taught me to make things so laughably simple that clients get lightning-quick results.


I know what it’s like to be blended by super trooper lights on a fancy stage to accept a national design award, but I also know the desperate feeling of being a sleep-deprived chocolate craving mom, who’s still wearing maternity jeans long after the baby is born because she gained 40 pounds and hasn’t slept a full night in 2 years.

I know what it’s like to be the Hollywood star of a branded photoshoot, but I’ve also been stuck in a rut as an over-worked, over-weight, and over-the-hill teacher in a frumpy librarian outfit.

And believe me, I know what it’s like to serve your family frozen pizza AGAIN because you spent the entire day writing your sales page.



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Do you need to FINALLY get visible and create that striking online presence worthy of a super-star.

The type of branded style that magnetically attracts people so you get hundreds of shares, thousands of  followers, countless TV-interviews, and catapult your sales?



3 simple ways to nail an Artistic, Edgy, or Bohemian Style

without looking totally Wacky.

You’ll be confident, stylish and professional,

but also in alignment with who you really are


-even if you have no clue how to bring out your

personality through what you’re wearing.

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It includes:

The exact clothes & colors you need to inject flair and artistry to your existing wardrobe with just a quick trip to the mall.

The exact trends that will make you look

creative, artistic, and playful so you feel that you’re showing the real you.

  • The exact things to do to keep your polished and professional image in tact – the easy way.



Be ready for that call from Oprah!


And don’t worry. I’ll help you find something eye popping to wear for your TV debut 🙂


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