Helloooo. I’m Hilde.

The former Fashion Designer and Design Teacher who’s now the:


for Wonder Women Entrepreneurs

I’m here to save the day for all you Powerhouse Business Babes by digging into who YOU truly are to create a gorgeous style on the outside that perfectly expresses who you are on the inside.

Me, I’m a terrible cook but I HAVE been busy in the kitchen boiling down 5 years of design school and 20 years in fashion to create a strikingly simple but ingenious system so online business owners just like you can Nail a Killer Style in just one day.

And just not that same old boring style you see everybody else wearing:

A Razor Sharp Branded Style created and curated ESPECIALLY for your online business because:

We both know that Rocking your Photos, Videos, Speaking Gigs, and Facebook Lives means the difference between making it or breaking it.

The only thing a stunning business babe like you will love even more is when I teach you how to look 10 pounds lighter simply by dressing for YOUR unique body type.

You’ll look and feel hotter than a chocolate dripping fondant.

It’s impossible not to lick the plate.

  • Working with top models at Fashion Week taught me that even young gorgeous creatures need the energizing confidence boost they get from a stunning dress and a loving hug.
  • Styling fashion photos taught me to create killer brand photos by exaggerating style.
  • My stint on television taught me that communicating your message is the most important thing when picking an outfit.
  • Designing in London taught me how to impress employers and double my salary by wearing a luxury bag that cost 1/10 of what it looked like.
  • Teaching fashion design taught me to make things so laughably simple that clients get lightning-quick results.

I know what it’s like to be blended by super trooper lights on a fancy stage to accept a national design award, but I also know what it’s like to be over-weight, over-worked, and over-the-hill. Just check out my before and after photos.

That depressing photo of me in the sad librarian outfit was snapped when I was 45 years old right before that pivotal moment when I decided: ENOUGH OF THIS SHITTY LIFE – and started the process of completely reinventing myself. The pretty picture was taken only 1 year later even if it looks as if it was it was 10 years EARLIER.

I completely flipped my life around:


  • Chucked my low-paying job as an overly idealistic design teacher to the mind-blowing freedom of being an international online entrepreneur.
  • I lost 45 pounds and transformed myself from frustrated frumpy mom to ecstatically energetic fitness babe.
  • Dug deep inside to discover the essence of my soul to create a dazzling style that expresses on the outside who I truly am on the inside.

You start by boosting your style:


After making that decision to CHANGE, I began to transform my wardrobe right away. I was still overweight and still in my boring old job, but I bought a few skirts and tops in those bright, happy colors that I already KNEW were perfect for me.

The internal change happened immediately!

Shredding those dark depressing clothes made me feel like taking off a huge heavy backpack, and my beautiful new clothes made me feel pretty and excited straight away. I still wanted to lose weight, grow my hair, and build my business – but I didn’t have to wait for months or even years for that to become a reality BEFORE feeling like a stunner. Changing my clothes had turned me into one of those beautiful chubby ladies.

Changing your outfit is actually the QUICKEST WAY to change the way you feel about yourself.

You look in the mirror and are astonished by the gorgeous successful person looking back at you.

OMG. Is this me?

(A little warning: Get a waterproof mascara because this is sure to bring tears to your eyes.)

It will completely transform your self-image and your confidence. Not to mention how other people perceive and treat you, because everyone wants to hang around and buy from confident and successful people.

Now I want you to get started right this minute with creating a style that super charges your life and your business.

That means you can look and feel STUNNING just 10 minutes from now.


Allow me to give you a pretty prezzie:


I’ve created no less than TEN Outfit templates that make it super easy for you to create your own stylish looks.

You’ll also be introduced to Hilde’s Style Baby Technique that is the world’s simplest trick to looking uniquely like YOU even if you know nothing about fashion and design.

Best of all: you can use those old boring clothes you already have in your closet:

  • Your basic black tops and pants
  • Your trusted old jeans

I also show you how to inject some exciting style into your professional outfits so you no longer look exactly like your competitor.

Just sign up below and I’ll shoot it right over.

Stuck between a corporate suit and yoga pants?

Are you one of the work-from-home women who have no idea what to wear for your business?

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Ooops. Then there’s a chance you’re unwittingly copying them without even noticing what’s going on.

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Are your potential clients mistaking you for your competitor?

Online entrepreneurs are becoming so similar that our clients can hardly tell us apart.

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