• I just cancelled my photo shoot. Had to give up the 500 dollar deposit but I just couldn’t do it.
  • What! But you need those photos for your launch. We need photos for your Facebook ads?
  • I know but it’s so stressful. I have no idea what to wear!
  • How do you want to look then?
  • Honestly, my big dream is to have the whole package: the hair, the make-up, and the incredible personal style. I’d love to look as pretty and professional as Marie Forleo or Emily Williams, but I don’t know how!


SO many women entrepreneurs have told me the same thing:

I have no style and no idea how to get one.

No worries girlfriend, because your Godmother of Style is here to wave her magic wand at you. I’m ready to reveal the secret behind a unique personal style so you can look like an online star in a flash.


Let me introduce:

Hilde’s Style Baby Technique.


As you all know, it takes a Mama and a Papa to make a Baby and a Style Baby is no different.

You start by finding a Mama that you adore and your absolutely favorite Papa. Then you take them on a blind date and “tada” – you have your very own Style Baby.

The big secret behind the Style Baby is of course that you mix two different styles. That way you get a unique and spanking new look and not something we’ve seen a million times before.


Let’s check out Emily Williams and her fabulous style:

Don’t you just adore her energy and cool outfit?

If we pretend that Emily used the Style Baby Technique when she created her look then her Papa might be handsome Prince William and her Mama might be January Jones – you know that blonde beauty in MadMen (sorry Kate.)

That could easily be the secret behind Emily’s sophisticated and classy royal elegance, and explain her love of 60’s inspired bright tops and dresses. What a winning combination.


But imagine if you were in Emily’s stylish shoes and you wanted to spice things up.

What do you do when your style is already amazing and you need to top it?

What would you wear to your next event to make your look new and exciting but still on brand?

The answer is of course to make a NEW Style Baby.

When you have an established style that you love and that also represents your brand then you don’t want to throw it all away by changing your look completely.

In this situation, your Stylish Mama will be your existing style and your Papa will be Trendy Tom.

This means that you stick with your current style but look for a couple of new trends that will update your look while you’re still on brand.


We could easily make a new Style Baby for Emily with these new ideas from Papa Trendy Tom:


  • She often wears short skirts and dresses so how about a maxi dress in one of her signature colors.
  • She loves bright pink so how about a similar but more unusual color like electric purple.
  • She often wears solids so how about a printed dress.


I used these exact techniques when I surprised Emily with a  a Style Baby Board for Christmas. (She  ended up getting a dress from one of my favorite London brands but  won’t show you that dress of course because we don’t want everyone to look the same.)

You’ have to make your own Style Baby.

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