Are you dying to get new amazing photos for your website?

The type of beautiful, professional images that instantly show your clients what an incredible expert you truly are.

You’ve got everything sorted in your business and your clients adore you, but you keep postponing your next photo shoot:

  • I have to wait until I lose 10 lbs.
  • I have no style and no idea how to get one.
  • I would love to look amazing and on brand in photos but I don’t know how.

Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Get to your photo shoot with a crystal-clear brand and a suitcase full of photogenic clothes that make you look stunning on camera?
  • Feel more powerful and beautiful than ever because you know how to dress for your body type in slimming outfits.
  • Be confident enough to pose like Marilyn Monroe and squeal with delight when you see your gorgeous photos.


I’m Hilde – a happy-go-wacky fashion designer turned online stylist, and I show women entrepreneurs how to nail their style and branding so they can WOW their audience and sell more.

I’ve boiled down 5 years of design school and 20 years of fashion design to create a simple but ingenious system so online business owners can nail a killer style by watching a few videos and having an exclusive style session with me.
Style and branding is SO important, but what they love most is to look 10 pounds lighter by dressing for their body type.


Working back stage at Fashion Week taught me that even gorgeous top models need the confidence they get from a beautiful dress and a good hug.

  • Styling fashion photos taught me to create strong brand photos by exaggerating your style.
  • My stunt in television taught me that communicating your message is more important than clothes.
  • Designing in London taught me how to double my salary by wearing a luxurious bag that didn’t cost half of what it looked like.
  • Teaching fashion design taught me to simplify my method so my clients get lightning quick results.

I know what it’s like to be blended by the super trooper lights on a fancy stage to accept a design award, but I also know what it’s like to be a sleep deprived chocolate craving mom, who’s still wearing maternity jeans long after the baby is born because she gained 40 pounds and hasn’t slept a full night in 2 years.

I know what it’s like to be the star of a fancy photo shoot, but I’ve also been stuck in a rut as an over worked and under payed teacher wearing a frumpy librarian outfit.

And believe me, I know what it’s like to serve your family frozen pizza AGAIN, because you spent the entire day writing website copy.


This program is exactly what you need to get photos that stand out and distinguish you from the competition, even of you’re wearing yoga pants right now.

Let me show you how:


Get an exciting new fashion look perfect for you and your business.

Look slim and gorgeous in photos because you dress perfectly for your body type.

Feel incredibly confident and have fun at your photo shoot.

Get rock star photos, elevate your brand, and sell more.



a) Fill out a simple questionnaire about your business, style, and wardrobe challenges. Send me photos of body type and coloring.

b) The Style Detective – Video lesson:

How to find a style that is perfect for your personality, your ideal client, and your business brand.

c) Create Pinterest Boards with new and exciting ideas using my insider techniques from 20 years as a fashion designer.

d) The Body Type Guide – Video lesson:

Learn how to dress for your particular body type. This is revolutionary for many clients and makes you feel more beautiful and confident in your body than you ever thought possible.

e) The Power of Color – Video lesson:

You’ll learn which colors look amazing on you and how to use them. I will pick your seasonal colors but you will not be limited by any particular color system. Your colors will be tailor made for you and your brand.


An exclusive 60 minute one on one video chat with complete focus on how you will nail your style for your photo shoot.

a) The right style for your brand photos. I use my branding experience from the fashion industry to go beyond clothes and make up to look at your brand image as a whole.

b) Exactly which clothes to get for the photo shoot.

c) A pro color consultation to find the colors that are perfect for your looks and your brand.

d) Tips and tricks for the photo shoot itself. What to bring and how to work with your photographer, make-up artist, and hairdresser.


a) Video Lesson: Shopping made easy.

My personal tips for making shopping fun, fast, and successful.

b) Email feedback on outfits.

I help you select the right outfits for your shoot. Just email me your photos and I’ll get back with my recommendations.



  • You will have amazing outfits to wear.
  • You will know how to communicate with your photographer, make-up artist and hair dresser.
  • You will feel happy and confident with your style.

Ready to invest in yourself and get the amazing style you’ve always wanted?

Buy my exclusive Style Consulting Package:

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for $799

There’s even a Payment Plan!

Get started for a montly payment of only $299.

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for 3 monthly payments of $299


Listen to Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger project:


“If you’ve ever wanted to feel like both (a) a celebrity and (b) the coolest human alive, I cannot recommend hiring Hilde enough!!! (Cue: ALL THE KAZOOS.)

As someone who looooooves fashion, and who thinks she has pretty decent personal style (with the exception of that furry jacket from 2006) I never thought about hiring a personal stylist UNTIL all the sudden I realized that I might have an eye for style, but no CLUE how to dress for my body type. (Especially considering that my body type is playing a not-so-funny game of musical chairs.)

Pair that with an upcoming photo shoot for my brand, and I was all sorts of anxious about looking my best in front of the camera—which they say also adds another 15 fun-loving pounds.

That’s where Hilde came in. She worked with me virtually, which was a huge, huge help, given that I was in Costa Rica at the time, to help me plan and arrange the perfect, body-slimming wardrobe that was sharp, dynamite AND on-brand.

The minute she came on board I felt this hugeeee relief lifted off of my shoulders—it was so nice not to have to worry about this, for once, and just show up!

Whether you’re doing something professionally or just personally, this is a huge game changer, and I’m convinced every woman should have someone on their wardrobe team at least once in their life.

This is one treat that isn’t so much a treat, but a necessity. I’d hire Hilde every day of my life, if I could. It’s just a bonus that she’s so awesome and sweet on top of it all! “


“Over the past two years, I lost 40 pounds and the way my body looks in clothes completely changed.

I never thought of myself as unattractive, but I just didn’t know what shapes would be appropriate for me.

I had a photo shoot coming up and needed to look my best. I reached out to Hilde because I knew she’d be able to help me find the best style just for me without feeling like I was inauthentic or wearing someone else’s clothes.”

Gen Malone – The Inertia Project


I didn’t quite know what to expect but Hilde knocked it out of the park.

She asked me questions about my personal style, my preferences, the occasion, and other details that showed that not only did she know her fashion, but she truly cared about how I would feel at the event.

I had bought some dresses previously and sent her snapshots so she could see what I’d chosen for myself.

She worked with me to develop a “wardrobe palette” of things I might want to consider based on our conversation, and I ended up completely changing my choices since her suggestions were so wonderful.”

“I have a bubbly personality and am tall, young and into fitness, so Hilde’s suggestions were slim-fitting, bright, and cut to flatter my body type without being too revealing (a big concern of mine, since I’m in fitness but am fairly modest in person).

We played around with different shapes and colors and her suggestions made me more confident to embrace my body shape and play up my assets. I ended up choosing a completely different shape and color that I feel is MORE “ME” than what I originally chose for myself!

Overall, working with Hilde is a great experience, I highly recommend her, and I’m going to use her services again in the future!”


Ruth Ridgeway from the Lifestyle Designers Club is an amazing designer and photographer herself, but even professionals can do with some help. She had a clear idea about what she wanted to achieve in her photos and was experimenting with an exciting new direction and visual look for her business.

Like many creatives she had Pinterest boards brimming with ideas but needed help narrowing down her style to a clear and distinct look. We lovingly put aside beautiful bohemian dresses and funky sequin skirts to focus on the modern minimalism that was THE perfect look for her brand.

Ruth sent me photos from her shopping trips and together we nailed the look that made her feel confident and on brand for her shoot.

Beautiful right?


“I was excited to book a professional photo shoot from a top photographer. How was I going to prepare and create the perfect look for myself?

So it was a wonderful relief when photographer Heidi Hapanowicz introduced me to my new secret weapon Hilde.

Hilde helped me understand exactly what type of clothes would look amazing on my body type and also work in photos.


Having an experienced fashion stylist like Hilde give me advice was invaluable

  • She helped me understand exactly which dresses would suit my body type and which accessories would give the right vibe I wanted.
  • I had a terrific time at the shoot knowing I was looking my best.
  • I felt beautiful and confident on camera – and the results showed!”


Ready to invest in yourself and get the amazing style you’ve always wanted?

Buy my exclusive Style Consulting Package:

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for $799


There’s even a Payment Plan!

Get started for a montly payment of only $299.

Style Confidence for Your Photo Shoot for 3 monthly payments of $299


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