The first day of summer is absolutely magical!

Basking in the sun you feel the tension in your shoulders melt like ice-cream with strawberries, and all those cold, dark winter months evaporate from memory like cool morning dew from fresh green grass. Mmm. Life sure is wonderful!

Until…. you look down and realize that those sandals that served you so well during last year’s summer vacation just won’t cut it at today’s business lunch with your classy new client.

Your go-to work outfits would turn you into a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes and your summer wardrobe is just too beachy for a professional expert.

What on earth can you wear to meetings and conferences on sweltering days that were made for bikinis and sparkling drinks?


These super comfy wide legged trousers are perfect for summer.

They should be roomy and airy and made from a natural fibre such as linen, silk, or cotton so that moisture is transported away from your skin. Make sure there isn’t too much fabric around the waist and hips because that might add bulk.

Luxurious or City Chic styling will keep you from looking too Bohemian for business: Elegant sandals (high or low) and a beautiful pedicure makes a huge difference.

Shorts and pants can be so much more comfortable than wearing a skirt since you avoid having your legs rub against each other.





When you want to be exquisitely elegant and formal you should try a sleeveless jacket. If you prefer to cover your arms it can easily be styled with a long or short sleeved top.

Platform sandals are perfect if you want a little extra height but still feel comfortable. The best kinds have airy rubber soles that give you a happy little bounce every little step you take.

My latest trick is to wear my workout tops outside the gym. I get basic shapes without big logos and style them with skirts and jewellery. They are perfect in the heat because they’re made of moisture transporting fabric that’s especially constructed to keep you cool when you’re sweating.





There’s nothing better than a cooling breeze on your skin so bring out some airy, flowy garments.

This look is perfect for a Beach Babe but might be a tad too bohemian for a business meeting.

You can easily wear your flowy skirt with a straight or basic top to create a balanced look.

A wide top can be worn with straight trousers or Capri pants.

Another trick is to add some professional looking accessories, and do your hair in a smooth style rather than a romantic one


These short, wide trouser-skirts have been trendy for a while and they are the perfect option for a formal chic look in the heat.

The short and wide shape of culottes can make your legs look shorter so I absolutely recommend high heels or wedges to create balanced proportions

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