The No-Diet Body Confidence Program


Wouldn’t you love to feel happy about your body without losing weight?

Dressing for your body type is the quickest way to

  • Look and feel stunning
  • Love your body
  • Get Confidence with No Diet


Maybe you are a Marilyn Monroe type who tries to fit into Kate Moss’ skinny jeans?

You know that feeling when you’re cursing in the changing room because you can’t pull the freaking jeans over your elephant thighs?

Or maybe all your jeans create a dreaded muffin top.

The truth is:

Those jeans weren’t made for you.

They were made for a 12 year old.

You were made for hanging around the movie set wearing sexy dresses and pencil skirts while practicing your sensuous lines.

Have some chocolate if you like.


Millions of women all over the world feel bad about their bodies:

  • My tummy is huge
  • My butt is enormous
  • My chest is embarrassingly tiny or uncomfortably large

No, no, no!

This is not true!

I’m sick of these limiting stereotypes that tell us we all have to look like Barbie dolls, and fashion companies that only make clothes for the young and skinny.

Thank God for idols like Oprah and Michelle Obama who break the mould and show us how to be stunning and confident with our own unique body shape.

I’m on a mission to show you how to dress for your body type whether big or small, so you can look and feel more beautiful than ever because the clothes actually fit you.

Don’t believe what the fashion mags are telling you:

There’s nothing wrong with your body!

But if you don’t feel good about it there might be something wrong with the clothes you wear.

Dressing for your body type is the most important part of my programs and my clients are loving it!


Jessica Phillippe is an engineer turned online entrepreneur:

“Learning about the body types and having you, Hilde, tell me objectively which body type you thought I was helped a TON.

I had never really figured it out for myself though it seemed so simple.

And it was an instant boost of confidence because I could narrow down my choices easier.”


A Magical Transformation


Check out Gen’s transformation after a single Skype consultation with me.

She had already bought the dress on the left and wasn’t quite happy with the way it looked, but didn’t understand why.

I taught her exactly the dress shapes to look for and the results speak for themselves.

Believe it or not.

There’s no dieting involved.

I’m a Mom.

What Happened to my Body?


The life changing experience of becoming a mom often makes our bodies look completely different:

“I don’t recognize myself anymore.”

Dressing in up is not top of your list when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep, but as your kid grows and you finally have a tiny bit of time for yourself it can be a huge boost.

Amanda Smith is a smart, stunning entrepreneur and mom with a voluptuous earth mother body shape. Before she got pregnant she had a different body type that she knew how to dress, but now she was confused.

Learning how to dress for her new beautiful post pregnancy body made her embrace and love it like never before.

Listen to Amanda raving about working with me:



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