“Who’s event did you say? I don’t remember who that is. She looks just like all those other online entrepreneurs.”

Have you noticed how all the big names in online business are starting to look the same:

  • The bright shift dresses
  • The glamorous photo shoot with a laptop and latte
  • The girly-swirly fonts on their website

If you want to stand out it’s time to differentiate yourself from the rest, without having to change everything around completely. You don’t have to turn into a freak or dress like a maniac. Instead of ditching your brand and your style, you simply give it a powerful fuel injection.

This is exactly what Madonna has been doing for decades. For every new album she created she had an exciting new look, but she was still 100 % Madonna. Her new look created a highly addictive buzz and we all just HAD to have that album.

Maybe it’s time for a refresh of YOUR style before your next launch.

The way to add some rocket fuel to your brand and style is to use Hilde’s Style Baby Technique.

And this baby is made like all the rest of them:

With Love.

Now we have to send someone on a blind date.

Let me introduce:

Your Stylish Mama and her Rebel Boyfriend


Your Stylish Mama is your current beautiful style. It’s gorgeous but also starting to look a bit boring. It’s clearly in need of fresh new ideas.

But who’s the Rebel Boyfriend?

It’s someone tall and handsome who’s got a look that’s so different from what we see in online business that it would make a huge splash.

He could be the creative type in vintage clothes, ethnic jewelry, and wacky colors or he could be an astronaut, an actor, or a cartoon character.

I found someone FANTASTIC ladies!

Let me present today’s Rebel Boyfriend who is no less than:

The Rock!


Check out the fresh new outfit I created by using him as an inspiration:

Stylish Mama already owned the skirt, the shades, the bracelet and the boots.

Then the Rebel Boyfriend bought her some quirky camo pieces, jewelry, and a leather top and the world’s most uniquely cute Style Baby is born.


Here’s how to make your own Style Baby:


1. Find yourself an exciting new Rebel Boyfriend. (Now don’t spend 4 days googling guys on the internet ladies.) Just close your eyes and meditate on whose personality and look you absolutely love.

2. Check out your closet and find some basic clothes like simple dresses, basic pants, and slim skirts that can easily be updated. This is your Stylish Mama.

3. Go shopping for tops, jewelry, bags, phone cases, sunglasses, and scarves and pretend they’re a gift from your secret Rebel Boyfriend. They should be new and exciting and something you’ve never worn before.


Take your Stylish Mama and your Rebel Boyfriend on a date in your closet and BINGO:  

You’ve made a Style Baby!

Nothing screams confidence louder than wearing something new and exciting that no-one’s ever seen before.

I’m willing to bet that your new look will spark a new energy in you and your audience, so maybe it’s time to go all the way:


  • Dye your hair and feel like a new person!
  • Get a custom made dress designed for you!
  • Do a crazy cool new photo shoot and blow the competition away!


Don’t get stuck in those same old entrepreneurial dresses.

Inject some fresh new energy to your style!

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