Entrepreneurial Style Icons: Meet Nagina

Welcome to a brand new series about the mesmerizing stars of online business who are captivating us with their show stopping combination of style and branding.   SUPER STAR STYLE ICON NO. 1:   Nagina Abdullah   HER STYLISH BUSINESS:   Nagina uses... read more

Pretty and Professional in the Heat

The first day of summer is absolutely magical! Basking in the sun you feel the tension in your shoulders melt like ice-cream with strawberries, and all those cold, dark winter months evaporate from memory like cool morning dew from fresh green grass. Mmm. Life sure is... read more

What to Wear on Video

Like. Like. Like. I was playing with my phone doing some extremely “important” networking on Facebook while clinging to my drug of choice: a soothing grandmother of Cappuccino at The Procrastination Café. It was Friday. My one day off work. My free day to shoot videos... read more

Dress to Impress in Your Business – Video

The Killer Dress was hanging sadly in my closet for ages. I had clearly wasted 300 bucks: The dress was too glamorous and way too sexy. So not me. Why had a bought a dress designed for business stars like Marie Forleo when I was just a suburban mom? A few days later... read more

Networking Outfits that will Start a Conversation – Video

You think you’ve got it made. You’ve left behind the sweaty stockings and back killing high heels of the corporate world for a relaxing entrepreneurial life in comfy yoga pants. Then your cozy cocoon is shattered when you receive a scary email: You’re invited to a... read more

Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them

Monday 06.34: Bam! One second I’m sashaying to the car like a super model on the catwalk and the next I’m whimpering on the ground. Ice already! It was just summer.   Tuesday 07.55: Eeek! The beautiful angelic but oh so cold snow has made it’s way inside my cute... read more

Summer Lovin’

Ding Dong! How strange. Someone’s at the door. Oh, no! Just as I was getting ready for a cozy Friday night on the couch in the best company possible: Huge glass of red wine, brownies, cozy socks, my duvet, and finally: The new Bridget Jones movie! Boy do I need a... read more

Rock’n Roll Mom And Her Little Rebels

“Don’t you dare turn the dial. Let me hear this song. I‘m gonna teach you kids about real Rock’n Roll.” I’m on the highway with my car overflowing with rowdy little boys. My son’s in the passenger’s seat driving me crazy with his terrible DJ’ing switching between... read more

You’re Too Old To Dress Like That!

Who do you think you are Hilde?!? You can’t dress like that. That dress is way too sexy for someone your age. Ever heard the expression “mutton dressed as lamb?” My inner critic was getting all riled up and had even taken on a posh British accent since I finally had... read more

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