What to Wear on Video

What to Wear on Video

Like. Like. Like.

I was playing with my phone doing some extremely “important” networking on Facebook while clinging to my drug of choice: a soothing grandmother of Cappuccino at The Procrastination Café.

It was Friday. My one day off work. My free day to shoot videos to grow my business, and here I was wasting time. Maybe I should create a pretty infographic about taking action. Just to get into the right mindset.

Filming those perfect fashion videos had turned out to be a lot of work.

I had to set up lights and camera in my tiny living room, scare my family away, and then work like a maniac to finish before they got back. It took me hours to cover up my wrinkles and tame that naughty little poodle on top of my head that poses as hair.

And don’t get me started on technology. We all believe in positive psychology right? Deep breaths everyone. I’ll admit I still don’t understand my camera. What the hell is ISO? Or IOS for that matter.

God, I need another coffee! Triple espresso.

I’ll just quickly pop into a couple of stores before I go home to work. I’m a stylist after all. It’s simply my duty to queen and country to get some retail therapy even if I live in a Fashion Wasteland.

Then I saw it in a window.

Was it a mirage?

Was I so high on caffeine and business guilt that my mind was playing tricks on me?


You know what I mean ladies. It’s just like being struck by lightning when you lay your eyes on Mr. Right.

THE DRESS is the magic wand that transforms your body and mind and turns you into Michelle Obama. (Maybe it can even transform your husband. Mmm. Have to try that.)

This gorgeous number was begging to be recorded on video. Leaving it hanging there would be a crime worse than abandoning an adorable puppy that fell in love with you at the shelter. You can’t do that. Just look at it!

Energized by the vibrant color of the dress (and the fact that it made me look much better than I do naked,) I was fired up and ready for action. All the way home I was fantasizing about how wonderful the dress would look on camera and how amazing the video would turn out.

The amazing energy of THAT PERFECT DRESS is something we all can use!

So get some gorgeous clothes that are begging to be shown off and get out there to promote your business. Looking and feeling like a million bucks will inspire you to get your photos done, make a video, or go to a networking event.

Let’s go shopping!


I love the way slim fitting dresses make every woman look like a bombshell no matter what size or body shape. The trick is to avoid very tight and clingy dresses that show every little bump. Instead go for a slim dress that gently follows the contours of your body without being too tight. This gives you a sleek, gorgeous silhouette and you’ll be delighted at how beautiful you look.

This is crucial when you’re on camera and have no idea where your body is going to get cut off. A wide dress looks amazing when your legs are visible, but can make you look bulky if the camera cuts you off at the waist.

Let’s look at the photo below:
The first slim fitting dress gives you a gorgeous silhouette no matter where the camera cuts you off. It doesn’t have to be skin tight, but should gently follow the contours of your body.

Broadening the shoulders with small cap sleeves makes chest, tummy, and hips look smaller

The second straight dress completely hides your beautiful figure.

The dress works when you see the entire body and the legs are showing, but when the camera cuts you off at chest,waist, or hips it makes your body look shapeless.



Color is your secret weapon. It communicates your brand and personality in a split second so use it for all it’s worth.

Brights and jewel tones look fantastic on video. They make you stand out from the background and your skin will glow. Loud reds and oranges can be overly intense on camera, but I’m happy to use them in the videos I record myself. Deep red is a safer choice.
Rich pastels are also worth a try if they work with your skin tone.
Trendy nude shades are perfect on models in glossy magazines, but don’t always translate to real life. There’s a big chance that you will look washed out if you wear them on video.

Wearing white can confuse the camera and will also wash you out if you have pale skin, and your favorite little black dress can look invisible on camera so your head appears to be floating.
If you’re in front of a blue or green screen then avoid these colors or your dress will become part of the background.



I’m sure you’ve heard of the dreaded Moiré effect.
For technical reasons (way beyond my comprehension) the camera gets confused by small stripes and checks. These patterns are banned in TV studios because they look weird and fuzzy on camera.
I would avoid any type of small ditsy patters (sorry polka dots) just to be on the safe side.

Large bold prints can look amazing and style icon Marie Forleo wears them all the time to great success.


Dress to Impress in Your Business – Video

Dress to Impress in Your Business – Video

The Killer Dress was hanging sadly in my closet for ages.

I had clearly wasted 300 bucks: The dress was too glamorous and way too sexy. So not me.

Why had a bought a dress designed for business stars like Marie Forleo when I was just a suburban mom?

A few days later that Killer Dress was living a super star lifestyle:

Photo shoots, networking, and tearing up the dance floor.

How did I pick up the courage to wear it and give it the glamorous life it deserved?

Learn how to Dress for Success in easy baby steps in the video below.

Look Smart – Feel Casual – Dressing Just Right for a Conference

Look Smart – Feel Casual – Dressing Just Right for a Conference

“Baby. What happened to the new suitcase!?”

Europe’s most notorious airline has smashed my new gorgeous wheely case that made me feel as stylish as Victoria Beckham at the airport.

I’m never, ever flying Ryan Air again.


I hate packing.

It’s not because of the painstaking job of rolling my clothes to avoid wrinkling and placing the shampoo bottle in a plastic bag in case it leaks.

It’s because I’m going to a glamorous conference in New York to finally meet my wonderful clients, coaches, and mentors and I have NOTHING to wear!

Why did I not go shopping last week and get some chic but comfy shoes?

Why did I not get a pencil skirt that goes with everything?

I’ll end up buying something boring and overpriced at the airport again, and then I’ll feel icky and strange as if I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.


How did this happen?

I’m a hard worker. I set goals. I reach them.
Why haven’t I planned my wardrobe for the trip?

The problem is classic.

I don’t know how formal I should dress so I ignore my wardrobe needs until I have a meltdown trying to fill my suitcase.


Nightmare number one would be to show up in “Boardroom Chic” (sweaty nylons, backbreaking high heels, and a matchy, matchy suit.)

You feel as sexy as a grandma while the young, cool crowd look glamorous in something trendy you’ve never seen before.

Bomber jackets!

Is that a thing now?

You won’t be making that mistake again so next time you’re chill and laid back in jeans and a top from the pile on the floor.

Then everyone asks you which college you go to.

Nightmare number two!


Stay calm everyone.

There is an answer to this dilemma and it’s called Smart Casual:

A style that’s dressy enough that you feel confident walking into any type of swanky hotel or venue, and casual enough that you feel cool and comfy talking to young bearded techies who build apps in coffee shops.


So what is Smart Casual or Business Casual?

She’s the beautiful love child of Mrs. Business Chic and Mr. Casual Cool.

She’s got her mother’s laser sharp suit jacket and her father’s crazy printed shirt.

She’s confident and put together but not afraid to show her colorful personality.


Let’s take a look at a typical outfit that her mother Mrs. Business got her:

Suit jacket with matching skirt, pants, or shift dress all in the same color and fabric. Pumps and pantyhose.

The outfit from her father is very casual: Jeans, tank top, leather jacket and sneakers.

You might already have all these pieces in your wardrobe and the good news is that you can combine them to create a beautiful Smart Casual love child.

The idea is to dress down your formal pieces and dress up your casual pieces into a perfectly balanced outfit that signals professionalism, warmth, and creativity.

Suit pants can be worn with a fashionable top, trendy leather jacket, and bright pumps.

Your suit jacket looks cool with a casual jersey top and a printed skirt.

The printed pencil skirt is a smart casual love child in itself: A formal shape with a fun pattern.


To be honest I wasn’t sure if I should recommend jeans at all, but I created an outfit where the jacket, top, and shoes are dressy enough to balance the casualness of denim.

There are definitely places where you will feel under dressed in jeans so if you’re uncertain I would go the safe route and opt for smarter pants.

The most important thing for the casual pieces you include is the fact that they need to look fresh and pristine:
– No fading colors, wrinkles, and spots.
– Shoes should be crispy clean and well polished.
I prefer dark denim without holes and worn out effects since this looks streamlined and professional.


Let’s take a look at the very many ways you can combine your clothes to create gorgeous Smart Casual outfits.
We start with basic pieces such as:

Blazer, skirt, dressy pants, pristine jeans, blouse, cardigan, top, and a dress.

I have chosen a few very classic items and colors but you can pick clothes that are a completely different style.

Now it’s time to play dress up and try to find as many combinations as possible.

I bet you can combine the clothes you already have in lots of new fresh ways that make you feel like you have a brand new wardrobe.

Notice how all of these outfits work with a lot of different types of shoes: Flats, heels, wedges, and even sleek boots.

Pick beautiful shoes that make you feel chic and comfortable.

There is no correlation between success and the height of your heels so don’t ruin your day by wearing stilettos if they kill your feet.

You also have a wide choice when it comes to your bag and accessories.

When your main outfit is in place you can play around with accessories that give off the vibe you’re after and pick a bag that’s big enough to hold everything you need to have an amazing day:

Water bottle, snacks, charger, note book, lap top, make-up…




When it comes to style I encourage you to create your own unique look and just OWN it.

Being a fashion lover I always tend to be over dressed and probably will be at my next conference as well.

This is because the desire to look on brand for my business overrides the need to fit in at the conference.
The most amazing look is created when your personal brand style meets clothes that are suitable for the occasion.

As the face of your business you want people to instantly understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Just like a logo.

So if you’re a rock chick turned web designer you could create a look that revolves around the world’s most amazing designer leather jacket and if you’re lawyer you can go for a striking classic ensemble in a surprising color.

As a speaker you can own the room in one of those power woman shift dresses that look amazing on stage and if you’re a yoga teacher you might love a soft flowy dress in harmonious natural colors.

I’m dying to show you how nail your look so please leave a comment below and I’ll be there to help out in any type of fashion emergency.

Networking Outfits that will Start a Conversation – Video

Networking Outfits that will Start a Conversation – Video

You think you’ve got it made.

You’ve left behind the sweaty stockings and back killing high heels of the corporate world for a relaxing entrepreneurial life in comfy yoga pants.

Then your cozy cocoon is shattered when you receive a scary email:

You’re invited to a networking event.

Eeeek. I have nothing to wear.
This time you’re not going to blend into the background by being one of the 100 women in a little black dress.

You’ll walk into that room and OWN it by looking so amazing that people can’t help wanting to talk to you.

Watch the VIDEO to find out how.

Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them

Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them

Monday 06.34:


One second I’m sashaying to the car like a super model on the catwalk and the next I’m whimpering on the ground.
Ice already!

It was just summer.


Tuesday 07.55:


The beautiful angelic but oh so cold snow has made it’s way inside my cute ankle boots. At least I’ll look amazing on stage for my speech even if my socks are wet and cold.

I hope I don’t get the flu.


Wednesday 08.23:


I’m NOT wading through this disgusting mess and ruining my new tall boots.

They are perfect for snow and ice, but not made for a foot of slush.

Darling husband comes to the rescue.

Lifts me up as if I’m light as Kate Moss and stomps down the driveway like a handsome NYPD firefighter who’s just rescued a gorgeous and mysterious lady.

This is SO romantic.

We make it all the way to the car and then SPLASH we’re neck deep in slush.

The watery ice slides down my back and I desperately try to keep it out of my hair.

Who leaves a skateboard in the driveway so it’s hidden underneath the snow?

I’m calling in sick!


Thursday 9.55:

Warm bed, cozy coffee, Wifi.

“Yes, I would love to speak at your event, but I’m not getting out of bed until April.”


Friday 10.32:

No need for NYPD because the Fashion Rescue Team is here!

The Guide to Winter Boots and How to Style Them has been released and I can be warm, dry, comfy, and chic all winter long.

It’s a miracle but it’s actually true.

Read on and find out how to survive slush, ice, and snow while looking stylish and beautiful.

Walking the streets in winter can make you think there’s a penalty for wearing something other than black.

Don’t forget there are other options, also when it comes to winter boots. You might have to look around a bit more though. I ordered my beige boots online in 2 different sizes and returned the pair that didn’t fit. Easy!

These boots are all light colored, but not so delicate that they’ll get dirty that easily. Give them a light spraying with a water repellent since this will keep them nice and clean longer.

I love wedges since they give me a sexy height while still being super comfortable.

Check out these cool winter versions. I think I NEED a pair of Lea’s from Sorel.

Light neutral colors look amazing against the beautiful white snow. The light bounces of the light colors and brights up your day when it’s cold and dark outside.

This is a great look for anyone who loves a minimalist style:

A head to toe outfit in more or less the same color looks modern, stylish and intentional. If you keep your colors neutral it’s easy to experiment with textures and fabric.

Check out the rock’n roll feather coat looking classy in dusty pink.

High heels and fancy styles can also work on snow. Sturdy rubber soles worthy of a lumberjack keeps you from sliding on ice, and the heels can be awesome for digging into the ice for a great grip.

Some of these boots are warm and comfy with a fake fur lining, and some are better suited for temperatures above freezing.

They look great with skinnies, wide pants, boot cuts, and skirts. Very versatile style.

Sturdy, heeled boots can be dressed up or down.

This is a typical smart casual outfit with basic pieces in striking colors. Notice how the accessories make the simple garments look classy but also interesting.

Wintery accessories worthy of a Russian princess such as the fake fur hat and the chic gloves create a sophisticated look. (So much better than your husband’s old hat and your kids scarf.)

Sticking to 3 colors in an outfit is a simple principle that always works. Notice how the cream color makes the outfit more luxurious than if it was only black and pink.

Winter boots can often look too bulky and don’t always work with a professional looking outfit, so I have found some minimalist and sleek styles.

The tall boots look amazing with skinnies and skirts, while you can also wear wide pants with the ankle boots. Play around with wool socks and insulation inlays if your boots aren’t warm enough.

This outfit is super warm and comfy without sacrificing color and style.

Black boots, bag, and down jacket might be something you already have in your wardrobe but you can spruce them up and make them stylish and exciting.

Personally I’m always on the lookout for sweaters, skirts, dresses, and tights in wool. Unfortunately there are a lot of acrylic blends out there. I prefer at least 60 % wool or you won’t stay warm.

Adding accessories in happy colors is an easy way to take your outfit to another level and brighten up everyone’s day.

If your city is cold but without a lot of snow and ice then you can go for a thinner heel.

60’s and 70’s styles are also lovely. Perfect for all kinds of skirts and pants.

If you have trouble fitting into tall boots you can check out Zappos.com. They have an option where you can search for boots by calf circumference. Very handy!

Curvy women look SO incredibly beautiful in a 50’s look.

This is a terrific style because it’s super feminine but also polished and professional.

The fact that it’s classic makes it well worth buying high quality clothes since unlike trendy items you can keep them for years.

Vintage shopping is also a great option.

Biker boots are cool and comfy and is perfect for the androgynous trend we have going on at the moment.

They are a great way for any jean lovers to upgrade their look, and the sturdy flat heels make it a joy to be moving around.

The buckles can be a bit of a handful when you’re in a rush to get out of the house, so look for boots that can be opened with a zipper. Lots of buckled styles have this option.

Jeans and boots can often look a bit unintentional but keeping to a narrow color scheme and making sure accessories look neat and intentional makes a huge difference.

This look is also very stylish with practical and comfy down jackets, moto jackets, parkas, and shearling.

Desert boots and Doc Martens are another breed of practical boyfriend boots.

They come in loads of colors and textures so it’s definitely an opportunity to get creative.

Skinny jeans is the obvious choice for these boots but they also look wonderful with skirts and dresses.

I have to admit I love these mittens. They are super cute and much more interesting than gloves. Mittens also keep you warmer since the fingers keep each other snug and cozy.

Check out the bomber jacket with the long rib dress. Great silhouette.

Did you know you can get winter sneakers?

Combine the cushy comfort of your favorite Nike’s with some extra padding and you have light wonderful boot. My favorites come in black and white, which is easy to style in a sophisticated sports look.

Winter sportswear can actually be feminine.

I love slim fitting down jackets with skinnies and a lovely sweater that hugs your curves.

Taking the time to find cute and well thought out accessories is absolutely worth it. Here’s another example of using 3 colors in an outfit. It really works!

How can you look and feel like a fun, sexy super star in the snow?

Moon Boots of course!

The truth is I have never owned a pair, but I might just jog down to the mall and get some.

Soundtrack for my jog: Funkytown.

Nothing says Bond Babe like a metallic down jacket.

If you want to get sporty? Why not go all the way!

You may have noticed I’m madly in love with winter white. It looks so fresh and sophisticated, and personally I don’t want to spend the winter months wearing depressing dark colors.

White is also a great base color that goes with everything.

Imagine riding a dog sleigh through a moonlit winter wonderland while you’re snug and warm in the cutest winter boots possible.

I love these sporty and hyper-functional styles in light wintery colors that match the pretty snow. If you want to stay warm, dry, and comfy then these are the very best types to go for.

They are water proof and some of them even have a rubber edge on the foot area. They are properly insulated for extreme cold, and the soles are safe on ice and snow.

The key to looking stylish in functional sportswear is to push your look to the limit.

Pretend you’re skiing to the North Pole and pick up accessories on the way.

Here’s a mix of different knitting patterns that originate from different parts of the world. The thing that makes them work so well together is the fact that they’re in the same color palette.

I’m so curious to hear what you think!

What is your favorite winter style?

What are you wearing to feel fabulous this winter?




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