OOZE CONFIDENCE  – be edgy, colorful, and sophisticated but still look like YOU.

Imagine walking into a networking event OWNING the room by making your outfit a conversation starter.

I’m Hilde, and I show women entrepreneurs how to WOW their audience by dressing amazingly and sell more.

By mastering how to look and feel great, you will get the happy confidence you need to crush it in your online business.


I believe dressing like the STAR you are will connect you with amazing people you will love to work and play with. Nailing your personal brand will make your audience see you as the dynamic expert you truly are and be eager to learn and buy from you.

(I also believe wearing a party dress on a rainy Tuesday will fill your life with bubbles, kisses, and new friends.)


I have lived through every style disaster possible, and tested all kinds of silly trends – so that YOU can be spared the embarrassment, blisters, and overdraft:

Buffalo shoes, asymmetric hair, pigtails, brown lipstick, chokers, underwear as outerwear, skirts over pants, neon colors (oops I still like them), stay up stockings (yes, they do fall  down), grey business suits ….

You name it – I wore it.

In Fashion School I learned how to completely overdo it by dressing like Lady Gaga’s crazy sister, but also useful stuff like Parisian couture techniques on how to tailor your clothes to make your figure look positively HOT- or how to create a unique brand by fusing your personality with what women really want and are dying to PAY for.


Fashion design gets boring after a decade or two, so I was thrilled when I finally found my true love in the art of teaching (if only the students would behave). Now I’m living a double life as serious Fashion Teacher by day and fun-loving Online Stylist by night, showing the world’s coolest entrepreneur chicks (that’s YOU) how to nail their style and branding.

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